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Everything you
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We've collected everything our customers ask us and much more in this FAQ. If you're looking for a way to talk to us, you can easily reach out to our support team.

Why do views matter on TikTok?

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If you're looking to make your videos appear on top spots of TikTok leaderboard and make your posts appear in recommendations for more users - all you might be missing is that critical initial viewership boost. TikTok's algorithm is very complex and mysterious, nobody has been able to figure out how it works exactly and you would obviously want to do everything in your power to make it select your posts.

Thinking logically, amount of views on your post and your TikTok account in general is probably the most important signal that the algorithm can which would make it recommend your recent and future posts to other users.

How many views packages do you offer?

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You can find a total of ten views packages on Celebian starting from 1000 views going all the way up to 100000 views. Our aim is to help you grow during your entire TikTok journey. We're certain that you'll find a package that fits your account and intent.

If we're talking about smaller packages besides the already mentioned 1000 views package, you will find 2000 TikTok views, 5000 views and 10000 views package all of which are very popular among our customers.

If you're looking to give your post a real viewership boost then we can recommend you taking a look at 50000 views and 40000 TikTok views. It's worth noting that we offer additional booster packages when you're on checkout. These offers will have great value for the money and you shouldn't dismiss them right away when going through the checkout.

There are three more medium sized packages, namely 15000 views, 20000 TikTok views and lastly 30000 views package. All of which offer good value and generate solid exposure.

Is buying views a good idea?

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There's a simple rule, video views attract more video views. That's what makes videos go viral and get shared across countries and continents.

Posting a video and hoping that it gets big shouldn't be an option if you're serious about your TikTok account. Why compromise the time and effort that you've put into a video only to get disappointed by limited exposure? Sharing the video yourself is a good option, but there's no guarantee that the results will match your expectations. Buying views will be a great supplement to any strategy that you may have right now. Help your posts get more traction and reap results of organic account growth.

Can other users see who has viewed my video?

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That isn't an option on TikTok right now. Other people will not see who has viewed your posts, all they'll see is the number of views. This doesn't mean that you should go with the cheapest option out there, TikTok is growing rapidly and it has been changing constantly which means that you would want your video views to stick around even after upcoming updates.

We offer top-shelf views with fast delivery while keeping our prices on a competitive level and we happily offer you a trial package free of charge so that you can actually see what we deliver. Isn't that a good deal?

Will I have to keep buying views from you?

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We would want you to see Celebian as a sustainable option for your account development. We don't want you to get stuck with buying engagement from us, we want you to succeed with your account and you should see Celebian as a tool for kick-starting that growth.

Our team understands that our services are most relevant for people who are in the phase of actively increasing their following and using our services will not be enough. That's why you should read our blog at least once a month to keep up with the latest trends on TikTok.

Can Celebian deliver views to my future uploads?

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Yes, Celebian offers a seamless solution for automatically delivering views to your future TikTok uploads. By subscribing to our Automatic TikTok Views service, Celebian will continuously monitor your account for new posts. Once a new upload is detected, which happens almost instantaneously, your video will start receiving views. This service ensures that each of your uploads gains immediate visibility and engagement, enhancing your presence on the platform. With this subscription, you can focus on creating content while Celebian takes care of boosting your posts' reach and impact.

Does Celebian offer any other services?

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Besides our blog that we've mentioned in the answer above, we also have other services that can help you develop your account and make it attractive for advertisers.

Have you seen our TikTok followers with fast delivery? Many people come to us just for those and we'd recommend you to try them. We have another service that you may need - our amazing likes that are well-priced and have a free trial option just as our views.

Do you require my password?

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Absolutely not. That wouldn't make any sense, in fact, if you see a page asking for your password when completing a purchase - you should think twice.

All we need to know is you TikTok username to find your account and show your posts, besides that we will ask you for your email to send you payment receipt. Nothing else. We respect your personal information and your privacy online.

How do I purchase views?

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Easy. We have created a custom checkout experience for your convenience. You can select a package of views that you like right on this page. There are two options, you either click on "Purchase" button at the bottom of a card with your preferred package or use the drop-down menu.

You will be taken to the checkout page where we'll ask for your TikTok username to show you all videos on your account. You will be able to select multiple videos in that way splitting your selected package between multiple posts. Complete the checkout by paying with your credit or debit card and that's it. You'll receive a receipt and your order will start delivering shortly.

What payment methods do you accept?

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We focus on credit and debit card payments to combat fraud and to provide you with a convenient checkout option. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover and American Express, basically all major card brands.

Our secure card checkout is provided in partnership with trusted payment gateways which are parts of VISA, Mastercard and other payment networks. Your data is always encrypted by the highest security standard. We want you to feel safe while purchasing services from Celebian.

Can I use Apple Pay on Celebian?

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Yup. We support Apple Pay on all compatible devices. Navigate to our checkout using Safari browser and you'll see a button which allows you to pay with Apple Pay. It's quick, smooth and very secure. You'll also enjoy the same refund policy and robust security as if you were paying with your credit card directly.

How fast is your delivery?

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We strive to keep the delivery time very fast. It will fluctuate from time to time depending on how busy our service is, but our views orders are usually completed within minutes after purchase. Celebian's delivery system is fully automated. There are no manual actions taken which decreases wait time. Our automated system picks up your order as soon as your payment is completed and delivery process start instantly.

Why should I buy from you?

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Celebian is a service run by a team with years of experience in social media management. We have a long history with alternative marketing strategies and our aim is to beat your expectations in every possible way. Our team is service-minded and has the technical know-how to deliver the best possible service.

How many views can you deliver?

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The largest package that we offer is the ultimate 100 000 TikTok views. With a little upgrade that you can select during checkout you can get a total of 125 000 TikTok views. Now that's a large number of views.

Next to that we have the 50 000 TikTok views package which is still quite large. If you're thinking that these viewership numbers aren't for your account yet then here's a tip. It makes sense to buy a large package and split it between multiple videos which is very easy to do on our checkout. This will save you a lot of money.

Does Celebian offer automatic engagement services?

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Certainly! Celebian's automatic services for TikTok include subscriptions for likes and views. These subscriptions not only automate the engagement process for new uploads but also offer customizable options to tailor the service to your needs.

The pay-per-upload billing ensures you only pay for what you use, offering significant savings over traditional package purchases. This model allows for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness, enhancing your TikTok presence efficiently without the burden of fixed monthly fees.

Do you offer refunds or any guarantees?

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We wish to keep you happy, that's why we've implemented a generous refund policy. Each refund request is handled with care and we do our best to provide you with an adequate compensation. Our policy is that your order should be delivered no later than 48 hours after the purchase, however that clause is there only so that our programmers can have adequate amount of time to resolve any potential issue. Orders are almost always delivered within minutes of your payment and we understand that time is of the essence here. If you would like to request a refund, you can visit our support page to submit your request.

How is my payment data handled?

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Your transactions are always encrypted and your sensitive card data is tokenized which means that your details are never directly stored on our servers. Instead they are handled by the authorized card network partners who are certified by the PCI DSS standard which minimizes the risk of payment data leaks.

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