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Last updated in June 2024

Welcome to the page where we present and summarize Celebian reviews, gathered from various sources including on-page customer feedback and articles about Celebian in independent third-party publications. Before we dive into the ratings and debunk some myths let's establish the basics.

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Visual summary

Prefer visual content? Here's a TL;DR version presenting the overall rating as an infographic. All data was collected from public sources that are also presented in this article. Celebian scores 94 out of 100 on the overall trustworthiness metric.

Celebian.com - Ratings & Reviews summary chart

What is Celebian?

We position Celebian as a marketing platform where you can buy TikTok likes, followers and views. Development began in 2019, and the website has enjoyed a comparatively long tenure in the relatively young TikTok marketing and promotion industry.

If we're speaking of what sets Celebian apart from the rest we'd say that the top five criteria are:

The excellence in the listed areas was achieved by creation of a strong team behind Celebian which built the platform on top of three pillars: technical experience, user-oriented design and customer-first business model. The goals of the website was to make the experience of purchasing TikTok followers, likes or any other product as effortless as possible with transparent and predictable results.

What is Celebian? Is it really safe?

Is Celebian real? Is it safe?

These are common questions that undoubtedly arise in the minds of many customers. They're packed with meaning and can mean different things to different people so let's break them down and find some clear answers.

Is Celebian a real website?

Well, you're on this website right now therefore it's as real as it gets in this sense. Celebian is a real platform where you can purchase real TikTok-related marketing products, it's a registered company that operates legally and bears responsibility towards its customers.

Will I get what I pay for?

Now, here is the real question. The answer is short and sweet, yes, Celebian will deliver services that you've purchased. We believe that talk is cheap and your trust is priceless therefore we offer everyone to try our services, no registration required, no strings attached. For instance, you can get some free likes or free views to see the quality we deliver first-hand. We hope that this will automatically answer any questions you might have about the quality of our services.

Is Celebian safe?

Here we'll go through the safety and security of the website. If you're looking for whether Celebian delivers on its promises, please see the section above. So, is Celebian safe to use? The website's valid certificate enables communication encryption and prevents impersonation, ensuring that your visits are secure and private.

When it comes to payments, Celebian relies on a payment gateway which is an intermediary authorized by card networks to handle customer data. This means that your card data never reaches Celebian itself, instead it gets encrypted, tokenized and sent to a certified payment handling company. This makes thing safer and easier for you and for Celebian. As if that wasn't enough, you can use Apple Pay to make a payment which acts as an additional security layer because you don't even have to enter your card data.

What if something goes wrong with my order?

Celebian may be trustworthy but can they be relied upon if something goes wrong? That's where our support team comes in. No matter how great something is, sometimes things just work out and our response here is to be prepared to handle each customer case diligently and on a personal basis. Our support agents rock at what they do and we sincerely believe that whatever your case might be we will get to the bottom of it to make sure you leave satisfied.

The reviews

Finally, let's examine the reviews to see what customers are saying about Celebian. We're going to break reviews down into three categories. The first category consists of reviews that Celebian publishes on its own, these are customer replies to feedback requests and self-submitted praise and critique. The second category comes from Trustpilot, an established name in independent review aggregators. Lastly there's the type of ratings that are provided in online magazines. But first, let's answer an important question.

Can reviews be trusted?

Depends on your level of scepticism, however if we look at things realistically and decide to not take into account self-publicized ratings but only verified online reviews we're looking at over 1600 Trustpilot ratings which have gone through moderation and bot prevention mechanisms. On top of that, it's always best to do your own research and the best place to start would be to take on Celebian's free trial offer that can get you both likes and views.

Reviews collected on Celebian

What you'll find below are ratings, criticisms, opinions and experiences submitted either through a feedback form on our support page or as a response to our outreach email campaign. These reviews have a degree of manual moderation to prevent spam and nonsense from appearing on our page.


out of 5

Filled star icon Filled star icon Filled star icon Filled star icon Filled star icon

Stands out!!

You can't even compare competitors to celebian.com! They are not even close! Great job!

The price

You should have higher discounts.

Really impressed

This is a really good place to get free tik tok likes I am really impressed thank you so much


Followers were nothing to brag about at this price.

Wow this is too good in viral videos I like this project 🥰🥰

I love this app and I support this app thanks so much

Oh my!

The support is wonderful, the site looks gorgeous, and it doesn't hurt my wallet. Great all round.


Paid with Apple Pay and started received my followers withing minutes. Good.

Stop looking for alternatives, this is THE TIKTOK service!

I've been a loyal customer for some time now, if you're reading this, stop wondering and go buy whatever you need. This is the best followers service ever!!!

Reviews on Trustpilot

We encourage our users to leave Trustpilot reviews through email outreach and by advertising our ratings on Celebian. Trustpilot does moderation and enables spam and bot prevention mechanisms to ensure that reviews are left by genuine customers.

The rating below is based on over 1200 real customer reviews that have been verified by Trustpilot.

Trustpilot - 5 stars

4.7 | Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Reviews in third-party magazines

Here are a few examples of reputable magazines that have published opinions about Celebian. Some of these articles were endorsed by us but without editorial control.

"Celebian is one of the better service providers when looking at legitimacy, and safety, and this is why we confidently recommend it."

KHTS - Santa Clarita Radio Station

"This company is a great option if you want to grow your TikTok presence, and we don’t think there is any other that can do better than them."


"Buy with confidence — you will find that Celebian makes reliable interactions that are safe and secure. All of your payments and transfers will be protected and none of your information will be revealed to third-party providers."

Space Coast Daily


Celebian is an established website in the TikTok marketing niche where you can purchase TikTok followers, likes and views. The website has been in business for a long time and has a large number of reviews across different channels. Celebian has received overwhelmingly positive ratings on all media. If you want to build your own opinion we recommend you to try the free trial offer.

Is Celebian legit?

Yes, overwhelmingly positive reviews and an established brand reputation affirm that Celebian is a trustworthy business, offering genuine services and fulfilling its promises.

Start exploring on your own by visiting Celebian homepage and navigating onward to a service that interests you personally.