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Here are the most frequently asked questions that we've collected over time. If you can't find the answer to your question here, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Do likes matter on TikTok?

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The answer is a definitive yes. Likes are a measurement of what impression your video left with a viewer. Consider this, TikTok's algorithm is great at learning what you like and it does so without any indication from your side. Meaning you could just keep swiping through the videos and it would still gather enough information about your preferences to recommend you videos which would keep you focused on your screen.

Now imagine what significance a like has to the algorithm considering that you have to do an action to give that like. It must mean that the post impressed you enough to make you interact with it.

What sizes of likes packages do you offer?

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Whether you run a small account looking for a tiny boost of 100 TikTok likes or a larger account seeking to expand reach and engagement by getting additional 5000 likes on your post, we've got you covered. The two already mentioned packages are the most popular ones.

Then we have, in order of popularity 1000 TikTok likes, 500 likes and 200 likes package. It's worth noting that you can add some extra likes on the checkout page. These extras offer a great value so keep an eye out for them.

We have two packages for the big leagues, the 7500 TikTok likes and the powerful 10 000 likes package that will really level up your TikTok growth.

That's not everything though, we have three more packages to cover out of which, the 2500 TikTok likes package offers the best value while 1500 likes, 2000 likes and 750 likes package will benefit medium sized accounts.

Is buying likes a good idea?

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Likes on TikTok are given less often than their counterparts on Instagram or Facebook because of how users interact with TikTok. Meaning likes are harder to get and therefore have a higher importance. Beyond giving important signals to TikTok's recommendation algorithm about your particular video they may have significance for your whole account making your future posts appear on the "For You" page more often.

Purchasing likes is a great tool to jump-start your account just as buying views and followers. You should use it wisely to achieve your set goals and increase your account's credibility.

Can other people see who liked my TikTok post?

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Other users can't see who liked your post directly. Only you can see that through your "Inbox". What other people can see is whether another user liked your post through that user's "Liked videos" tab (unless it's private).

This, however, isn't a reason for you to find the cheapest likes from the shadiest website out there. TikTok's algorithm may be considering who is giving these likes. Quality of the likes that you purchase matters and that's why that is our focus here on Celebian. You can see our quality for yourself by testing our trial for free.

What else can I do to grow my TikTok?

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You should approach development your account as a marketing project. There are many things you have to consider and only buying likes won't give you desired result. That's why we here at Celebian focus on providing a full-service platform. You can buy followers to increase your credibility and attract more organic followers. You can also take a look at our instant views which will provide your post that much needed boost to get even more exposure.

Beyond that we are dedicated to posting weekly on our blog, so you should definitely keep an eye on it to stay updated with latest challenges and news on TikTok.

Do you require my TikTok password?

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A loud no! We do not. And if any website asks you for it or any other personal data you should think twice before giving it out. We don't need your password because knowing your TikTok username is enough to deliver your likes.

The only thing we will ask you to provide is your username to deliver the likes and your email to send you the payment receipt.

What payment methods do you accept?

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We have partnered up with well-established payment gateways to provide you the best payment experience. You can pay for our services using credit or debit card from any of the major brands such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club or American Express.

We are dedicated to your security, that's why your connection is always encrypted and your payment data is always tokenized. You should feel safe entering your data at Celebian.

Is it possible to pay with Apple Pay?

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Of course! You can pay with any compatible device that has Apple Pay available. Firstly, make sure that you're using Safari. Then you'll see an option to pay using Apple Pay on our checkout page, the button is very hard to miss.

It's worth noting that there's no difference between a card and an Apple Pay payment on our end, you can enjoy the same high level of security and the same refund policy.

How fast is your delivery?

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Our likes start executing as soon as your complete your payment on our checkout. It may sometimes vary because our system load varies throughout the day but we do our best to keep the delivery times consistently low.

You can be sure ordering from us knowing that we monitor our deliveries and do our best to keep the delivery quick.

How do I place an order for likes?

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You are on the right page. Scroll up to browse through our packages and find one that fits your strategy and goals. You can either click on the "Purchase" button at the bottom of a package card or use the drop-down widget where you select desired package and click on "Purchase". This will take you to our custom checkout.

During checkout process we'll look up your account and ask you to select posts between which you'd want to split your likes. If you select multiple posts your likes package will be split equally between these posts. You complete the checkout by smoothly paying with your card.

Can I get likes on my future posts?

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Yes, you can effortlessly get likes on all your future TikTok posts with our automatic TikTok likes subscription. Once you subscribe, likes are automatically delivered to each new upload, ensuring consistent engagement and saving you the time and effort of purchasing likes manually for every post.

Celebian swiftly detects new uploads, guaranteeing rapid and reliable delivery of likes. There’s no fixed monthly fee; sign up is free, and you're only charged for each upload. This pay-per-upload model allows you to test the service without long-term commitments, making it ideal for maintaining a steady and hassle-free online presence.

What is your largest likes package?

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Our two largest packages are 7 500 TikTok likes and 10 000 TikTok likes respectively. These two packages deliver the best bang for the buck and have the biggest impact on your account.

That's not all. During checkout you can upgrade your chosen package and get a whopping 12 500 likes in total. That's the ultimate likes package on Celebian.

Why should I buy from you?

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Celebian is a service run by a team with years of experience in social media management. We have a long history with alternative marketing strategies and our aim is to beat your expectations in every possible way. Our team is service-minded and has the technical know-how to deliver the best possible service.

Do you offer subscriptions?

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Yes, at Celebian, we provide two subscription services: automatic likes and automatic TikTok views. These services simplify the process of increasing engagement on your posts.

Upon subscribing, our system promptly monitors your account for new uploads and quickly delivers likes and/or views to each new post, ensuring immediate and consistent engagement. Additionally, by combining likes and views, you can develop a comprehensive engagement strategy that enhances your TikTok presence.

These subscriptions not only save time but also offer substantial savings compared to buying individual packages, allowing you to maximize your TikTok budget efficiently while focusing more on creating great content.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy?

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It's important for us that you are happy with your purchase so we offer a generous refund policy. We handle each refund request manually. If you have any questions or would like to request a refund - visit our support page.

How is my payment data handled?

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Your transactions are always encrypted and your sensitive card data is tokenized which means that your details are never directly stored on our servers. Instead they are handled by the authorized card network partners who are certified by the PCI DSS standard which minimizes the risk of payment data leaks.

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