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How to Collaborate on TikTok

Collaborations are king on TikTok, and brands realize how far they can go by partnering with creators and influencers. TikTok influencers can deliver a dramatic increase in engagement literally overnight...

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Shortcuts to Instantly Gain More Followers on TikTok

You must be living under a rock to not have heard of TikTok. In recent years, this app has exposed many talented people to different worlds of entertainment. Unlike other...

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Top Free Ways to Boost TikTok Views in 2022

Update: This article was updated in 2022 with the latest information to keep things fresh and stay relevant. If we're being honest and truthful, TikTok is starting to experience a fierce...

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TikTok vs. Instagram - Battle of the Giants

Back in 2019, social media was abuzz in reaction to Zuckerberg’s underestimating the threat of TikTok. In a dramatic turn of events, there was an audio leak of the Facebook...

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Does TikTok Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

When people post content on TikTok, they usually stay a while to watch how many views the video is getting. Posting on the app provides a chance for users to share...

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TikTok Basics: How to Use TikTok Filters and Effects

The most successful TikTok users get consistent engagement by producing creative content. TikTok strongly encourages trends and creativity to go with funny and cute filters and effects.    If you’re...

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Using Viral Trends to Increase TikTok Engagement

Trends are the lifeblood of the TikTok universe, and mastering the use of viral trends is the key to driving growth and engagement for your brand. But unlike other social...

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Top Times for Posting on TikTok for Maximum Views

For over three years, TikTok has been the most downloaded app. In 2021, TikTok was downloaded more than 656 million times, far outstripping the second most-downloaded app Instagram.    Over...

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9 TikTok Ideas You Can Use Today

TikTok can be a little intimidating when you first start. The app is full of talented creators that manage to upload one engaging video after the next, making it hard...

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How to Avoid a Shadowban on TikTok

You want as many people to see and interact with your videos on TikTok. Unfortunately, if TikTok shadowbans your account, you can continue to post, but your engagement and reach...

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