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How does this work?

Welcome to the realtime TikTok followers counter by Celebian. Simply enter a TikTok account username in the search form above, and we'll begin displaying the current follower count, updated approximately every 10 seconds to ensure you get the most accurate data possible

Whether tracking your own follower growth or keeping an eye on someone else's progress, our tool is perfect for live streams and sharing those big milestone moments. Plus, with our unique link from the share section, you can easily share your live follower count with fans or friends.

Here's why our counter stands out:

  • Free to use
  • Free from ads
  • See the exact number of followers
  • Allows you to see the metrics in realtime
  • No registration or download required
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Celebian is trusted by thousands of returning customers. This particular rating of our realtime followers tool is based on 137 reviews. Find more reviews here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble getting started? We've collected answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

How can I search for a user?

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Enter the username of the TikTok in the search form above. Please make sure that you enter the username which is the short handle that starts with the @-sign. You can also paste the link to the TikTok account and we'll be able to pull up its followers.

Why do I get an error when searching for a user?

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The most common cause is that the username you've entered is incorrect. Please check it before try again. See the answer to the question above to see the supported username formats.

Can the owner of the account see that I'm viewing this page?

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No. The owner of the TikTok account will not know whether their number of followers is being shown by this page similarly to how you can browse someone's followers inside the TikTok app without that person knowing it.

Can I see the list of followers with this tool?

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This tool is designed to show current number of followers of a TikTok account. There's no way for you to get someone's followers as a list on this page.

Do I need a TikTok account to use this?

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You don't need a TikTok account to use this tool. You won't have to register on our website either. Simply search for a username to see their live followers count.

Why is this tool free?

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Celebian is a social media marketing company offering a suite of services and products specifically for TikTok. Our free tools are a way to help our customers achieve their TikTok goals but we've ultimately decided to make them available to the public free of charge to give back to the community.

What is Celebian anyway?

Have you ever been browsing TikTok, scrolling, creating, and thinking to yourself. If only my videos reached a wider audience... I already have amazing content all I need is bigger engagement. That's what Celebian was made for.

We'll make sure that you aren't just another face in the crowd and here's how:

Looking to grow your follower count? Our TikTok followers service is just what you need. It's like rolling out the red carpet for a wave of new fans, making your account not only more visible but also more appealing to potential organic followers. It's your first step towards TikTok stardom.

Every creator craves likes. It's the currency of appreciation on TikTok. Celebian allows you to buy TikTok likes, making each post you share a magnet for more viewers. This boost in engagement tells the TikTok algorithm that you're the real deal, encouraging it to showcase your content to even more users.

Views are the heartbeat of your TikTok presence. With our TikTok views service, watch the numbers on your videos soar. Higher view counts increase your chances of landing on the coveted "For You" page, opening doors to exponential engagement and growth.

Too busy creating to worry about engagement? Our automatic TikTok likes and automatic TikTok views services have got you covered. With automatic likes and views for your new uploads, you can focus on creating killer content while we make sure it gets the love it deserves.

At Celebian, we strive to be your partner in the climb to TikTok fame. We're here to ensure your journey is smooth, your growth is steady and your presence is unmissable.

All free tools

These tools are crafted with the aim of providing you with insights and functionalities that can further enhance your TikTok strategy, all without costing you a dime.

Ever come across a TikTok video that sparks inspiration, or perhaps you need to save your own content offline? Our TikTok Video Downloader lets you save videos directly to your device, ensuring you have access to your favorite content anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. Oh, and of course, it downloads videos without watermark.

Say goodbye to screenshotting and losing image quality. With our Profile Picture Downloader, you can easily download the original, high-resolution profile pictures of any public TikTok account. It's an excellent tool for creators looking to analyze successful profiles, graphic designers seeking inspiration, or fans wanting to keep a memento of their favorite TikTok stars.

By integrating these tools into your TikTok strategy, you're equipping yourself with valuable resources that can help you make informed decisions, inspire your next viral hit, or simply keep a cherished collection of TikTok videos. Speaking of tools, we can't forget sharing the most important tool of all - knowledge. Our blog is your friend and advisor when it comes to viral marketing and TikTok intricacies. Dive into hundreds of useful articles and discover secrets that can lead your journey to TikTok success.