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Boost your posts with our likes

Starting at $2.49 USD with crazy good quality and lots of packages to choose from. Our TikTok likes will give your account the desired boost and help you grow.

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Buy followers for your account

Our renowned TikTok fans start from $4.99 USD. Celebian's customers always enjoy fast delivery, real quality and excellent after-sales support.

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Get lots of views on your videos

With our cheapest package starting at only $1.49 USD you'll get your high-quality views delivered blazingly fast. We'll help you boost your videos to the top with ease.

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Automatic Services

Unlock your full potential with our automatic services. We will detect your newest uploads in seconds and start delivering your likes and views automatically.

Set your TikTok growth on autopilot and focus on delivering amazing content to your followers.

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Exclusive automatic likes

Skyrocket your engagement with thousands of likes on every new TikTok post. Starting at only $2.19 USD/post you will receive likes as soon as you upload!

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Get automatic views instantly

Take the ultimate #fyp shortcut by automatically boosting all new TikTok videos with our amazing views. Double your reach for as low as $1.29 USD/post!

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Free stuff!

We expect that many of our first-time visitors are hesitant. Some might want to see and understand how Celebian works while others might want to test the quality of our services.

Well, you're in the right spot. There are two trial offers available which you can enjoy free of charge.

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We're all about

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Top quality services with prices that won’t break the bank.

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Instant start

We have automatic delivery that starts as soon as you place your order.

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Reliable delivery

Our state-of-the-art order execution system takes care of your purchase.

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Flexible packages

We can deliver likes, views and followers for accounts of all sizes.

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Awesome support

Your experience is our priority and our team is always ready to help.

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Trusted platform

Celebian is trusted by thousands of our returning customers.

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Following Celebian reviews are collected on our website, on Trustpilot and through email requests sent to randomly selected customers. We do mean it when we say that Celebian is top-rated and our Excellent rating on Trustpilot is just another proof of that. Submit your review here.

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What is Celebian?

Currently Celebian is the leading name in TikTok marketing. We're the go-to place for buying likes, followers and views for thousands of people and we're proud of having the 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot.

This journey started in 2019 when TikTok marketing space was in its infancy. We developed Celebian from the very start to be a step ahead of the competition using our deep marketing knowledge and vast technical expertise launching the website to become an overnight success.

The time and dedication that we had put into building the user experience, complex order fulfillment systems and our lovely support team have paid off to make us the most recognizable brand in TikTok marketing. We intend to continue perfecting our services and delivering the best possible experience for our clients.

Since you're here anyway...

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