Shortcuts to Instantly Gain More Followers on TikTok

Published on 16th of August 2022

You must be living under a rock to not have heard of TikTok. In recent years, this app has exposed many talented people to different worlds of entertainment.

Unlike other social media apps, TT's algorithm is designed to deliver personalized video feeds, consisting of picks from around the world. Quite frankly, you can easily pick up tons of followers here by doing some silly things.

So if you're hoping to increase the numbers, you're in luck 'cause this guide contains eight simple and fun shortcuts in increasing your followers.

1. Properly identify your target audience

man and women gathered around a tableTikTok is all about having a big presence that's interested in your brand. You will surely increase sales, boost brand awareness, and create interactions with a large enough audience.

You can also involve other apps to help nurture and build your audience but that’s a short-term solution. The easiest way to get popular here is to grab the attention of individuals who actually care about your products/services and opinions.

Knowing the different niches that exist, knowing where you belong, and knowing what to post will rank you high on this app.

Take time to study your audience and the content they appreciate.

It's recommended to do something engaging, consistently. When you're targeting an audience anywhere from 13 to 25 years old, think of a funny video. 

If for an older audience, try your hands at something more specialized and educational.

2. Use TikTok to educate your followers

One of the fastest ways to grow your TT reach is to create educational and entertaining content for your followers. Such pieces of content have to be clever and quite informative, directly adding value to your audience's knowledge.

When it comes to your products and services, post content related to the everyday lives of your ideal customers and followers; think of something that best serves their purpose.

TT isn't particularly the best platform for educational content. But these videos can also be used on YT, IG, TW, FB, and other social networks—making it a plus for your overall social presence.

Try splitting your videos into multiple clips (and different categories) to see which performs best.

You do have to get a Pro profile; that's the only way to reap some extra benefits the platform offers businesses, marketers, influencers, and creators. You can also monitor how your videos are performing.

3. Capitalize on the power of trends

white and black abstract illustrationWhen it comes to content creation on TikTok, what's trending is almost sure to hit. Similar to other platforms, TT uses hashtags to connect similar contents and audiences, which quickly leads to trending topics.

You can easily do this by checking what your followers are listening to (e.g., a song or sound), and then incorporate it in your unique creation.

You can hop on a trend, sprinkle it with some creativity and originality, and remember to make it captivating or interesting enough to engage and increase your followers.

Gaining loads of followers on TikTok is a drastic process, so be careful on what challenge you participate in.

4. Create your own TikTok challenges

The boss way of getting followers on TikTok is to create your very own trend or challenge. Sometimes the trending market might not be in your favor, so you'll have to come up with trendsetting content.

For example, some artists create dance trends to be performed and uploaded by their listeners. Fans join in, in a bid to be the select best. You can use that.

Dance challenges are probably the most trending sort of content on TikTok. (What's next? Get your dancing shoes and be ready to whine your hips.)

As stated earlier, check what your followers are participating in before starting a challenge or jumping on a trend.

5. Use hashtags as much as possible

Again, hashtags are great for booming business.

Granted, most users were used to existing social media platforms. But with this incredible hashtag feature, they're here to discover spot-on content in the swiftest, smoothest way possible. All thanks to TikTok's AI-based algorithm and creator-friendly setup.

Well, the idea is to involve some trending hashtags to drive more traction, but only the ones related to your line of business.

You can use popular tags like #restaurant and #employeesatwork to showcase what your employees are doing in your restaurant. It's best to use hashtags that best describe your content.

Nonetheless, do some more research on hashtag use to fully grab the concept and pick out the best phrases.

The possibility of earning a spot on the For You tab is through popular hashtags: #fyp, #ForYoum… 

Adding branded hashtags, alongside the mandatory ones, will solidify your content reach—a triumph in making your brand more discoverable.

6. Post at peak times

person in blue denim jacket using macbook proOn a platform like TikTok, an exceptional essential is to post when your audience is most active and online. This automatically gets you the most attention and the chance of it going viral increases.

With a TikTok Pro profile, you can easily analyze the best time to meet the largest part of your viewers. You can also employ its scheduling tool to automate the process.

Using a try and error strategy will take time but it's also effective in getting the right time.

TikTok uses universal time, so it displays all stats in UTC—you're expected to do the time conversion on your own. This will help narrow down the exact time your target audience is crowded online.

7. Promote videos on other social networks

Posting your content on TikTok alone won't get you the full attention you actually need to realize your sales or reach potential.

Therefore, make a habit of reposting the content on other social media handles. Include them all; it's never a minus.

This habit will drive all your audiences to your TikTok channel, increasing both follower count and engagement rates.

In no time, more influencers will be looking to work with you regardless of the incentive. The exposure alone could be extremely mutual.

You can easily download your TikTok video by clicking the post's Share button and then tapping Save video.

8. Engage with other TikTok creators

It's wise to associate with other TikTok content creators, employing the Duet or Stitches feature to boost engagements at both ends.

As earlier stated, uploading educational content will easily increase engagement. But that's not an excuse to shy away from other kinds of trends and challenges.

This approach goes far as increasing your individual personality. It further earns you access to partner with other creators, influencers, and brands.

Final thoughts

To win on this platform, you have to bring a different, unique, and high-quality performance to your fans and potential customers/clients.

TikTok offers unlimited features with endless music and video editing tools to help you dwell well into your creativity.

Because knowing these facts isn't enough, the deal is to engage in the few steps listed above to help you make the most use of TikTok in increasing your followers.