How to Accumulate Real, Organic Likes on TikTok

Published on 19th of October 2021

TikTok is one social platform that has witnessed a tremendous increase in video content. It currently has more than 100 million views monthly, so TikTok is worth investing your time and resources on as it's still relatively new.


Sometimes, after investing precious time and resources in creating and uploading videos, they perform terribly as they get minimal views or even likes.


This can be very annoying and sometimes a cause for worry. However, this article is here to put these worries to rest with some simple strategies to make the most of your video posts.



How can I get more likes?

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Several strategies exist on how to increase your likes, but not all will be the best for you in the long run.


One of the best strategies that are consistently effective in getting likes is to do this organically.



What is organic traffic like?

Well, an organic like is a like you get as a result of people seeing your content and willingly deciding to like them.


So, you don't offer money for such activity. It could be that your post was shown on their feeds or even suggested to them.



What steps can I take to gain organic likes?

1. Your profile should be attractive

An attractive profile counts a lot when it comes to first impressions.


This is true because the person viewing your profile could decide to like or not to like your content due to the impression he or she gets from your profile. 


When your page is attractive, it encourages more followers, directly translating to higher amounts of likes.


You should ensure that your profile picture is also one that resonates well with your target audience, as this matters a lot.


Your bio and other information provided should also be done to gain acceptance. A piece of straightforward information is always appreciated.



2. Pay quality attention to branding

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Branding is a way of presenting yourself in a particular light. It differentiates you from similar brands around.


The importance can't be overstated because your audience gets to expect a particular standard from you.


Sometimes, the major difference between a hundred likes and a thousand likes is simply branding. With a well-branded account, you can gain targeted followers quickly, and these followers look forward to content from you.


Do well to deliver high-quality contents that can make your audience glued to your posts. 


The process of branding your account and getting results takes time, so you must employ patience in the process.


But when the results start coming, it never ends except when you get some fundamentals wrong.



3. Post original contents

Always ensure your contents are original because this is the way to maintain sustainable growth.


When your contents are stolen or consistently being copied, you get found out with time, and it will affect your reputation.


When you share original content, on the other hand, users begin to notice you. And when they do, this list will continue to grow.


Continuous growth of your profile hint at more likes on your TikTok content.



4. Your videos should be of high quality

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Never underestimate the power of high-quality videos on a video-based platform like TikTok.


When you do, you begin to lose followers as your competitors will snatch most of your potential followers.


Everyone likes to watch a clear video and would not hesitate to move on when you're not providing such.


Remember, there are lots of accounts that can deliver such to them regularly, so you have to beat the competition.



5. Consistency counts 

Consistency will take you places wherever you find yourself, which is no different on TikTok.


It would be best if you found consistency with the way you upload and share your content, as this will drive steady interests to your account.


It's not as though your followers are keeping the dates you posted videos marked on their calendars. However, they begin to notice it when you become inconsistent.


For a platform like TikTok, it's best to paste at least one video daily, but this can be brought down to about 4 or 5 a week—depending on what you can deliver consistently.


You can decide to plan and schedule these as it's easy to forget, especially when engaged on several platforms.



6. Use trending background music

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TikTok has invested a lot to get the license to several top kinds of music that can be used within their platform.


Take advantage of this opportunity as trending music tends to keep whoever is listening to watch just a little more.


When you use unpopular kinds of music in the background of your videos, it might not be enough to keep the viewer till the end, and such a viewer is not likely to leave a like.


Take your time to research what music is trending or check out your competitors' sounds, so you don't go down the ladder.



7. Engage with your audience

It's always lovely to keep in touch with those liking the content you post on TikTok. But of course, this encourages them to like even more of your posts.


You can do this by replying to their comments, liking their posts, and sharing them when you can.


Of course, you can follow other accounts as well. Doing this will help to build a strong relationship with them.



8. Promote your account on social media

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It's very much more accessible for people who know you outside TikTok to like your videos.


Share your links to other social networks, as this will enable you to gain more followers that will lead to more likes in the long run.



9. Maximize the use of hashtags

Hashtags always come in handy when you intend to attract more users to your content.


You can use trending music, trending topics, or even trending words as part of your hashtags.


It directly leads to more likes because your content gets displayed to even more TikTokers and not just your followers.



10. Approach influencers

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One easy way to boost your popularity is for social media influencers to announce you to their followers.


They already have tons of followers, and these followers trust their recommendations. 


When they recommend your account, you get to record an immediate rise in the number of likes you get.



11. Patronize organic marketing companies

There are many TikTok marketing companies out there, but most sell fake likes and followers—hurting your reputation in the long run.


Do well to patronize those who expose your content to real people who decide to like and engage with your content as they can be long-lasting.



Final words

Getting likes on TikTok is a dream for many TikTokers, as most of these users do not usually achieve this.


Engaging in approaches that expose you to organic likes are obviously the best strategies you can employ.


When you follow through with the suggested recommendations, this voyage will get easier and more fulfilling for you.