How to Get Auto TikTok Views in 2021 and Beyond

Published on 17th of August 2021

TikTok allows different people to put their talents on display, acting as a platform of entertainment and bringing light to many hidden talents around the globe.


As much as the entertainment and the fun goes, so is the competition. There are so many talents here with different skills to attract the viewers.


Each one's eagerness to prove to the world their worth has made the industry a very competitive place.


In such a talented environment, a new user might find it difficult to grow to the extent of getting massive TikTok views.

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People who are eager to display their talent might get worked out trying to reach a large audience; this can be discouraging to a new user leading to shut down or less work on the profile.


But hold on! Things will get better...



Importance of TikTok views

Social media is rooted in real human interactions and getting attention in return. Despite the changes in social platforms, this is one similarity they all have in common.

This is one of the many reasons people want to increase their TikTok views. The more views your channel commands, the more people it seems are interacting with your content, and the more people you get to reel in.


There are many trends on TikTok but a large base of views has always been important, especially as a content creator. You put a lot of skills into making this content and want to earn a reward for it.


Not having enough TikTok views can be heartbreaking to upcoming businesses or creators—fewer views means you're having less attention and interactions on your profile.


This scenario isn't encouraging to people who have put such much effort into creating their profile.



How to get auto views on TikTok - 6 steps

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1. Utilize the For You tab

This is the main page here; a dedicated page that displays all-new videos according to your selected niches or most watched videos.


Frequent uploading of niche videos (and interacting with your audience) might get a big hit in performance. This hit will put your videos among other talented videos on the For You page.


By doing this, there will be no need to buy views for your videos or followers for your channel.



2. Add tags to your videos

The TikTok Tags feature has helped increase video views of many content creators. It has also helped define the niche on which you choose to post your videos.


Tags are an important aspect for your videos as they will determine how worldwide your videos will be viewed.


However, you need to know the type of hashtags to use. Some are irrelevant and will only lead to the opposite of what you want.


Some rules are violated when a user reports your video for using hashtags that are not related to the video you posted. This can further result in the termination or blocking of your TikTok account.



3. Upload content with excellent production

High-quality videos are another way of getting more views. These videos are set to be more attractive. And really, no one wants to watch a blurry or poorly edited video.


For example, if you upload videos on fashion and the colors aren't crisp on phones like Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G. Imagine exploring your page on a 20" desktop.


High-quality videos have a way of trending not only on TikTok but also on all other social media platforms.



4. Don't upload videos without editing

It is advisable to trim a video to remove the mistakes before uploading it. If you upload without eliminating the errors, you might end up posting something you don’t want the world to see.


Use applicable video editing software to make changes before uploading the video for both your existing and potential followers.



5. Reduce the size and length of your videos

Short clips are easy to load and watch.


Lengthy videos always come in huge sizes, which might take time to load and mostly get boring toward the end.


Taking too much loading time might also get the user frustrated and scroll past your beloved creation. You agree that there's no use posting a video that nobody watches.


The key takeaway here is to cut your video into short clips, employing software or a web app. You can also reduce the size and length of your video before posting to your audience. This little step will get you more video views on TikTok.



6. Learn from famous creators

The famous content creators on TikTok have certain distinguished methods or strategies they use to get more video views on this channel.


Be attentive and careful when watching their videos, to get what's different from the normal ways these successful marketers post.


And remember to follow such differences to help improve your video views on TikTok.



Where to get free TikTok views

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There are diverse platforms to increase the number of your video views for free.


However, some of these service providers are fake and fail to deliver or reach the advertised expectation. You can get this service by searching on Google. Try…

  • Celebian
  • FuelTok
  • Tokcaptain
  • Auto Tokker

It's important that you search for a provider that can accomplish the task that it's designed for. You can check for ratings and testimonies to know the best options to test.



Final remarks on TikTok auto views

To get more views on any social media platform, likes and comments play a vital role. There are many ways to increase your followers, likes and views on TikTok and we've looked at most of them.


Do some more research and you'll see your views increasing on TikTok over time.


Good luck!