How to Get Lots More TikTok Views: Step by Step Guide

Published on 28th of June 2022

TikTok, a video-sharing platform that was initially developed in 2016, has seen an influx of users.

TikTokers cut across several age groups, but the vast majority are teens, Gen Zs, millennials, youths, and those young at heart.

All sounds sweet, but most content creators here are facing the issue of generating enough views on their videos. 

So much competition exists within this space that it's increasingly difficult to drive the right amount of traction and engagements to your posts. 

Today, we offer a step-by-step approach to this common problem. All you need to do is read carefully, apply the strategies, and watch how your views will grow consistently.

What does it take to get TikTok views?

Portrait of Woman Photographing With Smart PhoneLike every other positive result, it will take a positive mindset, creativity, innovative work, and some patience. 

Success won't come overnight because of the level of competition out there. Still, success can be long-lasting if you get the fundamentals right. 

To gain more profile views, you must be professional with the way you manage your profile and content.

You should also learn how to retain these viewers.

How can I go about it?

Below are some steps you will need to follow carefully. Doing so, rest assured, your profile views will grow.

Step 1: Your profile must be attractive

People Looking at a SmartphoneAs the first step, you must get right if getting views is your priority, this is quite vital to your whole social media marketing goals.

Visitors can second-guess what they gain from following and viewing your updates by merely looking at your profile. 

If your profile looks dull (and I mean on any social media page or channel), you're likely to lose potential fans, limiting the number of views you generate.

If you can optimize your profile to reflect some level of professionalism, on the other hand, it will go a long way to enhance your performance.

When creating your profile, some things you will need to pay attention to include:

  • Profile picture/video
  • Username
  • Bio 
  • Aesthetics 

These are very important because it gives a snippet into your personality and what your brand can deliver. 

Step 2: Decide on your target audience

To gain enormous TikTok Views, you should have a specific market in mind. A target audience, as they say, helps you tailor your videos to suit a certain group of people.

You can't expect to attract sports enthusiasts with trending dance steps. Neither will you want to upload baby care videos for teenagers to follow—okay, except the young mother niche.

So once you can pick a particular audience to target, it's a matter of crafting captivating content to spark their interest. Just watch your views grow.

Step 3: You need to set up a professional page

iphone xs on white tableAside from a personal profile, there are two other types of accounts you can create on TikTok—Private or Pro.

With a private account, you're bound to lament at certain limitations. Honestly, growing your views will be somewhat tricky.

So it's a no-brainer to switch to a Pro account. Do this right now, if you've been missing out. This will open up so many functionalities to boost your presence on the platform.

With a Pro account, guests can easily watch your videos, which helps boost the number of views you get.

You also gain access to some insights and statistics that can give you useful information as to how you are progressing (or otherwise).

Step 4: Use popular hashtags

To maximize the number of views you get, learn to incorporate trendy hashtags in your content. Hashtags can draw viewers to view your videos, and it's all organic traffic.

A simple hashtag search can quickly bring random people to your content. As long as they like what they see, they could become repeat viewers of your posts.

Follow trending stories as this will help you build a list of hashtags that are working for top content creators. Employ them in your posts; that's all.

Step 5: Give value to your audience

Money, Coin, Investment, Business, Finance, BankTikTok is home to a load of content. We're talking hundreds of thousands, if not millions. For you to gain a good amount of views out of these, your videos should be enriching—encouraging users to flood to yours more than others. 

Seek ways to help, guide, direct or educate your audience with your content, and you will be their go-to destination.

Users are sick and tired of following crap content, and presenting them with such wouldn't do you any good. 

Devote time to research, learn what your niche is clamoring for, and engage them with exciting content. It sounds cliché, but when you do this properly, you will record an increase in your views.

Step 6: Take part in viral challenges

Viral challenges are trends everyone wants to be part of. They could come as games or even tricks. 

You should take part in them as they could give you prime exposure and that's what you seek. And it's not enough to join these challenges; you, too, could develop yours.

When you create a challenge, especially with a giveaway or prize attached, you tend to get even more views organically.

Step 7: Be consistent

white and gray optical illusionConsistency matters a lot in this line of business because past glory doesn't last for long. You must learn how to churn out mind-blowing videos consistently for you to maintain loyal viewers

Once your fans notice a reduction in the quality or creativity of your posts, they begin to lose interest, which reduces views. 

Please get to know what they want and deliver this consistently. Go above and beyond sometimes. (Also, remember to have fun!)

Step 8: Learn to interact with your audience

Your audience is critical if you're to make it on the platform. Don't underestimate the importance of interacting with them, as this creates some level of appreciation.

Your existing and potential followers are most likely to come back to your posts if they notice you take out time to interact with them.

Answer their questions. Thank them for taking some time to visit your page and view your post.

You can even ask them for their inputs and what they would rather watch, using polls and Stories.

All in all, always stay in touch with your target audiences.

Step 9: Make use of influencers

Group of People Standing on StairsInfluencers are e-marketers with a large TikTok following. They have loyal viewers who are ready to jump on their suggestions, so you want to be on that list.

All you need to do is get in touch with one that suits your niche and product/service. In other words, make it clear what you want from the partnership.

Once you get the right one, it's time to solidify an agreement. Some will post your links on their pages, others go as far as to perform a duet with you on your channel. They would then share the link to reel their viewers in.

With this, you're just one viral content away from being TikTok famous.

Step 10: Use TikTok ads

Big companies like Google and Amazon still spend a sizable amount of their money on ads.

Using TikTok Ads can go a long way in exposing you to people you normally wouldn't have been able to reach.

Just make sure you learn how to go about it, optimizing for the best results.

Final thoughts

A lot comes into play for you to experience consistent views on your TikTok content.

Most of these elements have to do with getting the basics right and, after that, creativity, diligence, and patience.

Follow the steps highlighted above, and you should record tremendous success as soon as possible.

It all depends on timing and how fast the TikTok algorithm recommends your content to non-followers.

Good luck!