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Celebian is a full-service platform where you can get all you need for your TikTok growth.

Get noticed by the TikTok algorithm by adding 2500 likes to your videos

Engagement is an essential aspect of growing your channel. If your videos can regularly get a good number of likes, your job as a content creator will become a lot easier. However, it is easier said than done.

That's why a lot of content creators swear by our Like packages. It is a super-easy way of quickly getting 2500 top-shelf TikTok likes on your recent upload. Automatically kick-starting a process that will lead to even more engagement on that video.

Why 2500? Because it is a significant number that will help your video get noticed. It may also be enough (in some cases) to get your video featured on FYP! And if that happens your investment will be well worth it!

Our likes packages are extremely cost-effective as well, so you're getting great value for your money every time you choose to use one. Plus, we provide only high-quality likes, so you can be sure that they will add value to your video.

What are the advantages of buying TikTok likes?

First and foremost, it frees up your mind to focus on what's important, that is developing the content for your channel. We are sure that you would much rather focus on that than spend hours trying to promote your videos across different channels where it gets lost within thousands of other promotions, or wondering why that recent video did not generate too many likes.

Secondly, with these rapid boosts of popularity comes increased traffic from both new followers as well as old ones who may have missed out earlier because they weren't following you. More likes mean more visibility overall!

Can I try your service first before purchase?

Yes! We want to make sure that you are convinced about the quality of our service before you make any purchase. That's why we have a free trial offer for you to try out and judge the efficiency of our service for yourself.

How do I best use these packages?

You should think about these packages as the building blocks that will help you grow your TikTok. When used strategically, they provide a good injection of engagement and give videos more exposure!

To get the best out of these packages, you can use them for each and every one of your uploads. This way all your videos will be able to overcome that initial engagement hump that most content creators face.

Once you have used our engagement packages a few times, you will notice the difference in growth. To be sure of this, you can undertake a small A/B test of your own with some of your uploads using our packages, while others are left to grow organically. Some other packages that you might be interested in include 2000 likes, 5000 likes package or if you want to test how well your post performs with a tiny boost you can purchase 100 TikTok likes here.

What other engagement packages do you offer?

We want you to see Celebian as a place where all your TikTok needs are met. That is why we have a wide variety of views and follower packages as well. There are two similarly sized packages that will go well with 2500 likes, these are 2500 followers & the 40000 views package.

Ratings & reviews

We strive to deliver the best possible services. This rating represents what 9 of our customers think about 2500 likes package. You can find more useful reviews here.


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Got questions? We've got answers!

You can find some of the most frequently asked questions below. Check out our support page if you need any further help or simply contact us, we'll be happy to hear from you.

What likes packages do you have?

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We offer packages for TikTok accounts of all sizes. Our smallest package is 100 likes while the largest package comes with 10000 likes, yes you read it right, that's ten thousand TikTok likes.

And there's everything in between. If you're running a medium-sized TikTok account you'll probably be looking for package of 1000 likes, 1500 likes, 2000 likes or 2500 TikTok likes. Each of our likes packages offers the same great features which include instant start, 24/7 support and high quality of delivered product.

If you're running a bigger TikTok account you might be interested in the 5000 likes package or the 7500 TikTok likes package both of which provide great value for your money and can actually be used to promote multiple posts at a discount. You can divide our likes packages between more than one post during checkout and in that way save up on purchasing multiple smaller packages.

Besides the package sizes that you see here there's a hard-to-miss option during checkout to get additional likes on your order. The extra option's size is different for each package but these extras are offered at a great price. Head on to checkout to find out more. The last but not least are 200 likes package, 500 TikTok likes and finally 750 likes.

What other services besides likes are offered on Celebian?

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If you're interested in supplementing your TikTok likes, you can in addition to likes also buy TikTok views straight from Celebian. If your interest lies in increasing your fanbase simply head over and buy TikTok followers in an instant.

What payment methods can I use?

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We always make it as convenient as possible for our customers to complete a purchase, that's why we offer traditional card payments with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and more. If you're into iPhones, iPads and MacBooks we've also integrated the smooth Apple Pay for you to use from any Apple device during checkout. Every transaction made through is highly secured through the use of TLS, 3DS2 and card tokenization.

Can I pay for TikTok likes with Apple Pay?

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Of course, by navigating to any checkout page on Celebian through an Apple device you will always have the option to pay through Apple Pay. Just make sure that you're browsing in an Apple Pay enabled browser which currently is only Safari but it may change in the future.

How do I buy likes on Celebian?

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Your first decision is to choose the total amount of likes you want on 1 or multiple posts. You can quickly select your desired package right on this page. The package represents the total amount of likes that you want, you can choose to send those likes to a single post, or evenly split that package between multiple posts.

Next you'll be taken to our smooth payment process where you can use any card to complete the purchase, or use Apple Pay on any Apple device. After submitting your payment you will be shown a page with your unique order number, which will also be sent to the email you've provided during payment.

Take a peek at your TikTok profile, or notifications, something is clearly happening! If not, allow a few minutes to pass and be amazed at how easy it is to use Celebian.

Can I divide one likes package over multiple videos?

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Yes, a package represents the total amount of likes that you want split over multiple videos, or added to a single post. Purchasing a package lets you evenly divide the likes over multiple posts, or send them all to one post. You are always able to change your package during checkout before completing your payment.

We're clearly showing what amount each of your posts will get when you select them so you won't have to calculate any equations while on the checkout page.

Is there a way to automatically buy the 2500 likes package in the future?

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Yes, Celebian offers a convenient solution for this. You can subscribe to our automatic likes service, which allows you to automatically receive likes on your future uploads, including the option for the 2500 likes package.

This subscription ensures that each new post you upload will automatically be boosted with the desired number of likes, saving you the effort of purchasing likes manually for each post. It's a time-efficient and effortless way to maintain consistent engagement on your TikTok content.

How can I get in touch with support?

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There are many ways. If you've made a purchase, you can effortlessly reply to your email receipt to quickly get in touch with support. If you have questions before committing to an order, you can easily reach support by visiting our support page or by opening the live chat which is available right on this page.

Can I subscribe to likes from Celebian?

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Yes. Celebian offers a subscription service for automatic TikTok likes. This means you can easily set up a subscription to regularly receive likes on your new TikTok posts. Once subscribed, our system automatically detects your new uploads and applies the likes package of your choice to each post. This service ensures your content consistently receives engagement, enhancing your online presence without the need to manually purchase likes for each new post.

Similarly, there's an automatic views subscription that will deliver views to your uploads. Both likes and views can be combined to ensure maximum simultaneous engagement on your videos.

Can you recommend any sources related to TikTok marketing?

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You know what, you're actually in the right spot. We spend a lot of time crafting interesting TikTok marketing articles for our blog where we try to provide additional knowledge to our customers and website visitors. We have a solid foundation of articles that can prove useful to both beginners and professionals. Our article structure is always playful and easy to follow. So check it out!