10 Tricks to Grow Your TikTok Fast

Published on 16th of October 2020

With the ever-growing popularity of TikTok in the United States, it’s still not too late to join the party. Growing your TikTok account may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Follow our 10 tricks to grow your TikTok fast and reach the status of a TikTok superstar in short order.

How Does TikTok Operate

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok uses a “For You” system, where instead of a news feed to scroll through, you are presented with a never-ending stream of videos. TikTok will personalize the “For You” page for each user, based on trends and previous user activity. You can rest assured that every brand or personality will be able to obtain a following.

1. Make a Great First Impression

It is imperative that your profile is friendly and inviting. To achieve that, make sure you have a great profile picture, preferably one that represents your account and ideas best. Additionally, make sure that your profile description perfectly fits your personality and brand identity.

You will also want to link to other social media in your TikTok account. Having a presence on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok at the same time can cause your audience to use all three platforms, maximizing your exposure to potential followers.

Once you’ve set up your profile to the best of your abilities, the rest of the work lies in finding the right trends and content ideas to generate.

2. Always Be Up to Date

As a newcomer to TikTok or someone looking to pick up lots of followers in the shortest possible period, you will need to keep in touch with current demands. Always make sure you’re following at least a dozen influential TikTok users. You can get inspired by their content and put your twist on it. The TikTok algorithm will do the rest, showing your trendy content to more users than ever before as you utilize the significant following of the popular TikTokers to your advantage.

Also, make sure to check up on your “For You” page regularly. It is a source of vital information, as TikTokers prefer fresh content. If you make something similar to the trending videos, you are likely to boost your following significantly.

3. Shorter Is Better

While TikTok allows you to upload videos up to 60 seconds long, you should keep your content short and to the point. Nobody has time to crawl through 50 seconds of nothing special when they could watch 4 or 5 short clips in that amount of time. We recommend sticking to videos of 8 to 15 seconds long. They are best for gathering and keeping attention.

The TikTok algorithm will also boost your videos if they’ve been rewatched multiple times, so making a steady stream of short videos is a surefire way to get more followers quickly.

4. Use the Best Songs

When you make a video, the background can be just as important as the person in it. Playing popular, trendy music will make sure people give your video a chance, no matter its content.

Using a famous melody as your background will make TikTok believe that you’re creating similar content to other videos with that background and the platform will often lump them together. Users watching videos with the same melody are more likely to watch your video after it.

5. Use Popular Hashtags

Just like Instagram, TikTok heavily favors the use of hashtags for the videos. When you add hashtags to your newest creation, you will receive suggestions on the trending hashtags of the time.

However, make sure that your hashtag isn’t too popular. Getting a hashtag used in a plethora of other videos makes it harder for you to stand out from the crowd. You want a hashtag that is just popular enough to be easily searchable. Modifying existing tags is a great way to try and create a new trending hashtag that might take off as a result of your video, so you may want to give that a try.

6. Be Consistent

TikTok is a place for people with really low attention spans. It’s essential to get as much content as possible to throw at them to watch. If one of your videos speaks to a viewer, they are more likely to check out the rest of your videos. And we all know that having a vast library of videos to binge is best when discovering new content.

Make sure that you have a good schedule for posting new content. If your followers know when to get their next fix of you or your content, they’ll keep coming back at the predetermined time to watch the freshest creation of yours. Keeping your followers happy and occupied is vital to growing an audience.

7. Come Up with Fresh Content

While following the trends is vital on TikTok, sometimes venturing into the unknown can yield great results. If your videos are original and stand out from the cookie-cutter drudgery that other TikTokers produce, you are much more likely to start a new trend. When people start copying your videos, you know you’re doing great.

8. Be Controversial

You can try going against the flow. If people watch your videos purely because your opinion is different from theirs, you can get famous quickly. People come together about things that they don’t like, and there’s no such thing as bad press.

9. Get Your Audience on It

You can make use of your audience to the fullest by posting their content on your profile. By letting smaller TikTokers get a bigger spotlight, you open the doors to many aspiring creators to want to be just like you, catapulting your popularity as people vie to be in your next sponsored video. TikTok makes it easy to repost and credit someone else for their creation, so reposting user-generated-content is a great way to make your audience grow itself.

10. Explore the Paid Options

If you want to grow quickly, throwing money at the problem will make it fix itself, or so we’re told.

By getting the full benefits of a TikTok Pro account, you get the fantastic addition of analytics to help you in your quest for superstardom. Analytics make it easy to know when your followers are most actively browsing TikTok. Use that knowledge to plant fresh content right as they open the app.

Additionally, you can explore the fairly new TikTok Ads system. Targeted ads allow you to show your videos to the audience of your choice, without the need to innovate too much in creating content.


What are you waiting for? Install TikTok and become the next star! We’ve shown you 10 easy ways to rack up followers quickly. All you have to do is create an account and be the best you can be.