10 Clever Tricks to Leverage TikTok Trends

10 Clever Tricks to Leverage TikTok Trends

Published on 16th of May 2023

TikTok is most notable for short fun-filled audiovisual content. It was initially the platform for teenagers, but that narrative is changing with lots of users across diverse age groups.

The popularity of TikTok has continued to grow with the platform expecting over a billion users by late 2021. Unsurprisingly, TikTok is becoming the destination for social media marketers due to the endless possibilities one can tap on.

One can leverage TikTok trends by applying several tricks. And that’s what you’re learning in this post. Below are proven tips you can employ to get the best out of TikTok marketing:

1. Use of hashtags

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A hashtag is a word or phrase spelled together and preceded by a #, used to identify ideas, topics, or the likes. Hashtags are one of the surest ways to get hooked on the desired topic.

When a hashtag is becoming popular, you could leverage the prevalence by creating content around it. This can bring your video to the desired limelight.

Using relevant #tags can get you involved in relevant conversations, opening you up to new followers and audiences.

One easy way to do this is by using a branded hashtag that already has a name; this might make it easier to join the conversation.

Here’s another tricky idea to go about this: join a hashtag challenge but make sure your entry is worth viewing as this can make or mar your popularity.

2. Video quality

TikTok is a platform known for its visual orientation so expect to see lots of professionally-recorded videos here.

It’s not enough to just upload a video; no, that won’t beat the competition. One route is to create videos with greater qualities or videography; this can make your viewers come back for more.

When your video quality is poor, your viewership reduces because the content is unwatchable (forget that your message is top-notch).

In short, invest in great recording tools that can give you the very best. Alternatively, though, you can hire experts to edit your videos professionally.

3. Timing your posts

Different niches have different peak periods where content is viewed online.

When you post your content randomly, you might not be able to leverage ongoing trends due to improper timing. You should learn how to time your uploads, posting them at appropriate times where your followers are most online.

Before you get this right, you might need to experiment a little by posting at random times.

Thereafter, you can check out which of the posts generated lots of user interactions. Doing this might give you an idea of the right time to put your posts online.

4. Featuring influencer

There’s a reason why popular TikTok idols are into the influencer business.

Casual users always love to know the opinion of these classes of TikTokers, so it's a no-brainer to feature an influencer in your post. This can skyrocket public interest in your posts.

Whenever a topic is trending, and you have access to an influencer, especially one that’s into the niche in question, take actions to bring such an individual to share his/her opinion on the topic.

Doing such regularly will encourage your users to look forward to posts from you, especially when a trend is building up.

5. A little bit of controversy

Controversial content works magic when it comes to leveraging TikTok trends. However, you must do this within the confines of the law to prevent you from getting into unnecessary problems.

When you decide to take a different stand from that of popular opinions, users might want to go through what you said and this will generate more activities around your profile.

The aim here isn't just to differ in your opinion but to give a well-articulated and highly intelligent alternative opinion, else you begin to lose followers who end up overly disappointed.

6. You can share practical advice

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Endeavor to provide your viewers with quality content that adds value to their life.

There are lots of dance step videos and comic content all over TikTok. Following these trends might not give you your desired result except if you offer something quite different.

Share practical knowledge on your page and tag it with related trending hashtags to gather activities around your posts.

Doing this consistently will, in no time, rank you among the respected content providers in your niche and directly translates to more followers.

7. Repost on other social media

Being active on TikTok isn’t enough. You’re probably active on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Take advantage of these platforms by sharing your links on them at every slight opportunity you get; this way, your friends are likely to check them out. You can even encourage your friends to repost on their pages as well.

A tricky way to do this is by creating content around a TikTok trend that you’re certain will generate interest.

Share these links on your social media handles and more users will troop to your profile for more of your TikTok content.

8. Organize competitions

Contests are a fun way of bringing users together - everyone loves to win a prize. Put out a gift and allow TikTokers to compete for prizes around trending ideas.

That’s one of the nicest ways to leverage a TikTok trend. And the offered prizes don’t necessarily need to be something that’ll cost you a fortune.

All you need to do is offer something worthy of competition. It could be something as simple as standing a chance to be part of a duet.

9. Interact with your audience

Keeping your communication line open with your users is key to building a good relationship with them. You can interact with followers by replying to their questions and comments, and even commenting on some of their posts.

Leveraging TikTok trends, in this regard, can be done by uploading a video that relates to a certain trending topic or idea. Your followers are likely to comment on this post, and you establish a connection from there.

Just be a natural part of the conversation being generated; this will lead to increased activity around your profile.

10. Always follow the trends

Look for ways to keep up with trends. You can’t take full advantage of trends when you catch them late; among users, the euphoria might be long gone.

Trends can come in the form of dances, challenges, songs, sounds, and features, among others.

You can identify trends by…

  • Spending as much time as possible on Tiktok.
  • Visiting the Discovery page often.
  • Using the search box to check out hashtags relevant to your priorities.

Final thoughts

TikTok is a platform where users go to check out short videos and lots of trends are beginning to emanate from there.

Simple tricks you can utilize to leverage these trends are described above. Experiment and apply them to your marketing strategy; learn from mistakes, recognize productive tactics, and repeat!

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