Ways to Grow Your TikTok Views Exponentially

Published on 11th of January 2022

TikTok keeps seeing its value rise consistently, and content creators are not backing down. In fact, every user wants their content to be seen by tons of people.

In their quest to raise these numbers, some resorted to techniques that became counterproductive.

This article will empower you with what you need to do as long as growing your TikTok views is concerned.

Must I buy views to grow my TikTok?

Buying views can be a speedy method for growing Tiktok views. This, however, does not guarantee 100% satisfaction. Even though views can come from genuine people, they may not always be the case for every company, and they may not always come from your preferred niche.

What are the best ways of growing my numbers?

Growing your TikTok Views takes professionalism, time, and patience. 

As much as there are strategies that can help turn out desired results within a reasonable time, do not expect this to happen overnight. 

Below are some of the strategies you can always count on. They never seize to yield impressively positive results. 

1. Pick a suitable niche

woman placing sticky notes on wallThe first thing you should do when trying to grow your views on TikTok is to focus on a particular niche. 

A niche is simply a segment of the society, an industry, a line of business, or even a topic that you decide to focus on. 

When you pick a niche, it becomes easier for viewers to know what to expect from you. 

When you post videos related to all sorts of topics and ideas, it becomes challenging to gain consistent, loyal followers. 

So, choose a niche, focus on it, and growth will be more manageable if you follow the other approaches discussed below. 

2. Make sure your profile is optimized

Your profile is significant and counts a lot toward improving TikTok views. Just guarantee that it contains the necessary details of what your channel is all about. 

This information should be straightforward and devoid of unnecessary data. Optimize your profile to suit your desired niche. That way, you're trying to appeal to viewers that are bound to be interested in your content.

3. Make sure your profile picture is friendly

Crop smiling ethnic woman greeting unrecognizable black friend on streetThis is one social network where users log in with the expectation of having fun. 

Your profile picture is one of the first few things they will see, which is why it should be consumer-friendly.

You can choose to use your picture or any cool stuff that will be appealing to your audience. Having a boring profile picture might do more harm than good, to your video views.

It might discourage your audience to check out what you offer.

4. Use popular songs for your background music

Woman Listening on HeadphonesBlasting in the background, the sounds of your videos can play a surprising role in placing them in front of your audience.

Use popular music they can relate to, as this can encourage them to watch the video till the very last millisecond.

When you use unpopular sounds, your viewers might not be patient enough to see it through.

5. Originality counts mostly on social media

For your content to be taken more seriously while retaining and improving on your viewership, your content must be original.

Many videos are all over TikTok, and people appreciate watching fresh content and not just replicas of what they might have seen recently.

Not that you cannot draw inspiration from available content. You must, however, do this with professionalism and some creativity.

Do not aim to copy videos or steal ideas, this might harm the reputation you are trying to build.

You can even check resources from other platforms, getting inspiration to develop original videos for this network.

6. Post your videos at peak periods

Free stock photo of adult, attractive, backgroundPeak periods are the time when your audience is primarily online. Viewers are most likely to interact with your content. 

You can find this by trying out different posts at different times and taking the statistics of the activities around those posts. 

When you analyze such data, it helps you make informed decisions on when best to post your videos online.

Getting your posts out there, during these peak periods, can thoroughly improve the rate at which it reaches the intended viewers.

7. Your videos should be straight to the point

TikTok is notorious for short videos. Lengthy videos do have their space, but it is generally more reasonable to keep them short. 

Making your videos lengthy can be a recipe for failure. You may fail to close more viewers just because long videos turn them off. 

So when shooting a TikTok video, your priority should be to keep your viewers interested until the very end. 

It is pretty challenging to do this with lengthy videos.

8. Your videos should be valuable

There are lots of videos scattered across TikTok today. Some bring value to viewers, while others are simply trash or over-flogged ideas. If you want to generate more views, your videos should not fall into the latter category.

Your viewers are constantly searching for content that can teach them a thing or two, so it's not just the best dance steps in every video. 

Depending on your niche, you can choose to educate your audience on related topics consistently, and your views will get to experience more growth.

9. Share your links to other platforms

blue red and green letters illustrationIf you're on TikTok, you're most likely to be on other social networks. Your friends, fans, or followers on those platforms could also be on TikTok.

Kindly leverage this opportunity—paste your TikTok links to Facebook, Instagram, and the likes. It's much easier for friends to view your videos, compared to others who know nothing about you.

When you do this consistently, it might open up a ready-made traffic source to your TikTok account.

Final thoughts

Getting TikTok views is more challenging today than it used to be. Blame the heightened level of competition in almost every niche.

However, it's still possible to turn out decent numbers, as highlighted above.

Take out time to follow these strategies, bearing in mind that patience is crucial. You will be glad about the results.

Good luck!