6 Brands That Are Killing It on TikTok

Published on 27th of December 2022

Most people think of Gen Z when it comes to TikTok, but other generations have flocked to the app to devour the short-form videos. Brands have taken notice and are now using TikTok to connect with their audiences. The most successful companies know how to deliver messages in a fun, engaging way that fits into the app’s overall theme. This can be hard at first, but you can hit the ground running by checking out some brands that are killing it on TikTok. Get the details so you can cultivate a strategy based on these marketing success stories.

1. The NFL

NFL logo

The NFL has long been plagued by declining interest from younger generations, so it decided to take action by developing a presence on TikTok. However, it didn’t just dip in a cleat to test the app’s waters. Instead, the NFL entered a two-year partnership with TikTok in 2019, setting the stage for what would become one of the most exciting accounts on the app.

From NFL-themed hashtag challenges to behind-the-scenes content, amazing plays, and heartfelt stories, the account hits the mark over and over again. Now, it has 8.4 million followers that tune in to see what it will upload next.

You can learn quite about connecting with a younger audience by adding your username to the NFL’s list of followers. Just head to @nfl on TikTok to check it out. You’re sure to get some inspiration after looking through the videos.

2. Chipotle

You can’t discuss the best brands on TikTok without mentioning Chipotle. In fact, the casual restaurant brand is so successful on the app that TikTok made it the focus of a case study. It really is a fascinating story, especially when considering Chipotle didn’t create an account until it noticed a ton of brand mentions on the app. Then, it created a TikTok business account to connect with fans.

Chipotle realized that TikTok users don’t want to see regular branding videos or commercials masked as entertainment. Instead, the audience favors casual, fun videos, and Chipotle delivers. Chipotle’s videos featuring recipes and hacks are popular, and its comedy sketches are always a hit. Plus, it does a fantastic job of reposting user-generated content to get fans and followers engaged.

As great as those videos are, it really excels when it comes to branded hashtag challenges. If you spend much time on the app, you are probably familiar with the #GuacDance and #LidFlipChallenge. Both were viral sensations and helped Chipotle’s account acquire 1.7 million followers.

With so much fun content, you’ll want to spend some time reviewing the account. Thus, head to @chipotle to check it out. Also, get some tips for creating a successful TikTok challenge so you can create your own viral hits.

3. Walmart and Target

red and white no smoking sign

While Walmart and Target are two separate brands, they will be forever linked as far as TikTok is concerned. The two brands engaged in an impromptu faceoff, much to the delight of viewers around the world.

It started when a Target employee uploaded a video announcing a hostage situation involving a Walmart shopping cart. Walmart realized this was an excellent opportunity to go viral, so it responded with a video of a Walmart vest on top of a red ball from Target.

The message was clear. Once Target returned the cart, Walmart would return the ball.

Then, Target took the natural next step of getting support from its partner brands in an effort to force Walmart’s hand. Other commenters jumped in as well, and both brands saw a massive uptick in followers.

While this is one example, both brands continue uploading fun, sharable content. You can learn more by visiting their accounts. Just head to @walmart and @target to browse the content.

4. Netflix

black flat screen tv turned on displaying 11

It’s not a surprise that Netflix uploads engaging content on TikTok. After all, it has tons of videos to pull from, so it easily uploads clip after clip. However, you won’t find standard movie trailers on its account. Instead, it uses clips and captions to participate in topical conversations. These clips and captions are fun and engaging, so people can’t help but take notice.

You can learn more by visiting @netflix. Then, you can get some inspiration to use for your own account.

5. The Washington Post

While it makes sense that brands like Netflix are killing it on TikTok, others are more of a surprise. That includes The Washington Post, which has become a Tiktok sensation, opening its content up to younger readers. Most of the clips feature video producer, editor, and writer Dave Jorgenson, who has taken to calling himself “The Washington Post TikTok Guy.” He and the others have helped the account reach viral status with funny clips breaking down the news. Head to @washingtonpost to see how an older brand can reinvent its marketing approach on the app while remaining true to itself.

6. Teen Vogue

black and white keyboard keys

Since Teen Vogue appeals to Gen Z, it’s not a surprise that it’s a hit on TikTok. Even if you don’t have the same target market, you can learn quite a bit from the brand. Its TikTok account is basically an extension of the publication, with everything from styling tips to educational videos about voting and setting boundaries. Plus, it gives viewers a little something extra by including behind-the-scenes videos of some of the celebrities it features on the magazine’s covers.

If you want to learn how to connect with your audience while delivering valuable content, check out @teenvogue. It’s an impressive account with one popular video after the next. The videos are so popular that the account has amassed 1.4 million followers and 4.9 million likes.

Learn From These Brands Before Developing a Strategy

These brands will help you develop your own strategy for marketing on TikTok. Once you spend some time reviewing the accounts, you’ll be ready to reach your audience through the app.

If you aren’t part of a big brand like the NFL or Netflix, you might encounter some challenges when trying to reach a large audience, though. Thus, consider buying real TikTok views and likes to get the ball rolling. Then, you will be able to accumulate organic likes and views, allowing your videos to go viral.