8 Powerful Tips to Grow Your TikTok Followers in 2021

Published on 29th of June 2021

TikTok might be a relatively new entry in the social media world, but almost all the teens, Z-Gens, and kids love to spend their time on the app.

The video-sharing platform keeps growing with time, enabling anyone to create short videos along with some entertaining music or filters.

As viral video demand is skyrocketing across all social media, TikTok is getting the most substantial piece of the pie. It has over 800 million active users—following the top three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat.

However, to achieve success on this platform, you need to learn that it's not an overnight venture. Instead, it takes time and expertise. Below, we want to showcase eight powerful tips that can help boost your TikTok following.

We'll also explain the best TikTok strategy you should develop to make the most out of your marketing in 2021. Let's get started.

1. Correctly identify your target audience

white and multicolored target board on green fieldIf you genuinely want to double your followers on this platform, you should understand that each niche is different. On TikTok, each group of age communicates in their own unique way.

There's a broad range of content that feeds all groups of ages and niches; so primarily, there's room for everyone.

However, you can't satisfy everyone, and it becomes crucial to identify your target audience and thereby design videos that cater to their unique requirements.

Think about the nature of content your target viewers would like. For example, if you target an audience between 13 and 25 years of age, you should create more engaging, amusing videos.

On the other hand, if you target grown-ups over 35 years, focus on designing more "specialized" content, which educates and gives them valuable advice.

2. Use TikTok to educate your viewers

TikTok is the ideal platform if you want to create informational videos. Of course, you can share the same content on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Feel free to also carry out platform experiments to check where videos work better, or work on discovering the type of video content that fits each platform.

To discover what works best, you should update your account to the Pro version of TikTok. This upgrade offers insights, allowing you to see exactly how your videos perform based on your followers' age, country of residence, and other measures.

3. Capitalize on the power of trend

Increasing your impact on TikTok can best be achieved by considering the trends available on the market. Just like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, TikTok uses hashtags to showcase the most popular topics.

If your followers love a trending song, you can use that song to design a unique video to showcase your brand. Then, you can effortlessly hop on a trend and continue your spin—producing a fun, engaging offer in the process.

While it's necessary to be aware of the trends, you should also create your movements. Use your imagination to set your company apart from your rivals, and you'll surely gain the admiration and appreciation of your followers.

4. Plan your challenges

Blue Printer PaperWhile you should try to include the main TikTok trends in your content, you can go one step further and introduce your own "challenges."

An illustration of a challenge comes from Jennifer Lopez. She challenged her followers to create videos dancing to her songs and upload them on TikTok, using her unique tag.

5. Use hashtags as much as possible

Pink and White Heart Print Paper Beside Pink RoseUsing hashtags on TikTok is one great way for your brand to get discovered faster. An increasing number of Twitter and Instagram users have moved over to TikTok and now use hashtags to explore big things.

The best way to expand your brand's reach is to use an intelligent combination of trend-driven, general, and brand-specific hashtags.

For example, if you want to design a video about how your restaurant staff is working, you can use trendy hashtags such as #employeesworking and #restaurant.

Do not forget about the compulsory hashtags, #ForYou or #fyp, to hopefully get a coveted point on the For You page. However, you should include hashtags that are unique to your niche, plus a couple of hashtags with your company name or brand signature.

6. Post at peak times

To grow your followers and take your TikTok presence to an entirely new level, one excellent TikTok strategy you can practice is to post exactly when your followers are online.

Again, looking into analytics and using a Pro account will help you discover when your potential consumers are more active on the platform.

Note that TT presents all stats in the Universal Time (UTC). This indicates that it's your job to make the conversion and guarantee that you target your viewers when they're most active in your time zone. But keep in mind, with a TikTok Pro account, you'll get access to your analytics only for seven days.

Then again, you can use stats from other social media platforms. Consider uploading your videos during that time interval, and leave a few other videos for split-testing different time intervals.

7. Cross-promote your videos on other social media platforms

TikTok is not a standalone channel that floats in the world. A comprehensive video marketing policy includes all other social media platforms—think Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Plus, TikTok makes it super convenient for you to share your content on other platforms. So if you already have a strong following somewhere else, you can let them know about your TikTok profile by reposting your videos there.

TikTok videos are automatically saved on your mobile after uploading. So you can share them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform—letting your fans know that they can interact with you on TikTok as well.

Use your TikTok video to design an engaging Instagram Story, or you can consider influencers to promote your content. Brand-influencer collaborations work amazingly well, and you can use the tools to make an informed decision when finding the right influencer.

8. Engage with the TikTok content you appreciate

People Using a SmartphoneLastly, you can increase your TikTok fans by simply looking around you and seeing what others are doing right. Discover the latest trends to identify what works and what doesn't. If you watch a funny video, notice how many viewers left a comment.

Then you can leave a comment. Since the only way to interact with other users is through comments, you need to start engaging with content that revolves around your offered products and services. Try not to be spammy, though. 

You'll soon notice your followers increasing as you engage with random videos you enjoy.