How to Increase Your TikTok Followers Instantly

How to Increase Your TikTok Followers Instantly

Published on 15th of March 2022

Increasing the number of followers you have is always crucial when building your reputation on any social network.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that has grown incredibly popular over the last few years, and this popularity is set to soar even higher.

Gen Z dominates the social platform, but that doesn't mean other age groups are not active, making it a great alternative to almost all social networks.

This platform is relatively new, giving you the rare opportunity to build up followers before it gets all complicated. Keep in mind, though, the crowd is also fierce.

How can I increase my followers?

There are several approaches you can employ to make this a reality, but let's focus on methods that work nearly every time:

1. Start with your profile

Person Holding Black Iphone 5You cannot have a meaningful social media presence without an attractive profile. This is key to retaining users as they glance at your profile.

Take your time to build a profile that can grab the attention of new TikTokers. Ensure your page is captivating enough to retain visitors when they do come around, so they keep coming around.

How can I create an attractive profile?

This is relatively easy, but you must follow some basic rules to make it a success, and they include:

  • Uploading a quality profile picture. Make sure the image you upload resonates very well with your followers.

  • Writing a good profile bio. A bio tells a lot about you, especially to those that are just coming to your profile for the first time. Take time to write a short yet captivating bio that will only make them stick around you.

  • Keeping your information precise. Please don't make your information appear clumsy as critical details can be lost in it. Make them clear and exciting to read while revealing just enough to make them stay.

2. Stand out from the crowd

selective focus photo of a red tulip flowerMany users are doing well on TikTok, but that is not to say you must replicate exactly what they're doing to be successful. Doing this can even be counterproductive at times.

Make your content unique, as this can help you build followership that remains loyal for the long run.

When you copy the crowd, you subject yourself to unnecessary competition, hurting your growth within a short period.

One of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd is to educate your audience. Most TikTokers upload lip-syncing videos and beautiful dance steps, but you can do more.

Decide on your niche, and you will know exactly how to impact them with relevant knowledge.

This means you must take out time to improve yourself because you cannot give what you don't have.

3. Post your videos at peak times

Brown Wooden Framed Hour GlassYes, this does matter. Try to know when your followers and chosen niche are most active, and plan your content to go online within that period.

Doing this can drive more exposure to your content, which will increase the number of people who follow your account.

How can I know my peak time?

You can get to know your peak time by doing the following:

  • Be observant. When you're attentive, you get to know when your content generates the most engagement. This is likely your peak time.

  • Use your analytics. Analytics give you info about the activities taking place within your account.
    This includes the age groups, geographical location, and times where you have the highest rates of user interactions and engagements.
    You can use TikTok Pro to get some of these specifics.
  • Put out test videos at different times so you can come up with a definitive peak time for your posts.

When you do this, you get to know the best time to paste these videos.

It would be best if you were trendy to succeed on a social network like TikTok.

Most users here love trends, and you must follow suit to remain relevant. You can achieve this by…

  • Using trending music among your background sounds. This enables your viewers to watch your videos to the end, thereby attracting more followers.

  • Taking part in trending topics. When you create videos about trending or controversial topics, you make it easier for viewers to follow your account.

  • Comment on trending posts and topics. This exposes you to a lot more users, which are suitable for your popularity, and an increase in popularity brings about increased followers.

In all you do, never miss out on being trendy. Platforms such as TikTok are always up for the next trending, popular, or controversial things online. 

You cannot get hold of such TikTokers when you aren't up to date with the latest trends. These could include dance steps, music, or even trending entertainment topics.

You can leverage trends by shooting a video concerning them. You can also use a trending hashtag as this can attract lots of audiences to your profile.

5. Decide on your target audience

person writing on white paperYour target audience is the people you intend to reach with your posts.

When you decide on this, it's so much easier for you to plan your posts accordingly, as different categories of people demand different kinds of information. 

For example, younger age groups favor entertainment so upload entertaining videos to capture their interests.

For older ones, you might need to develop something that can improve them, and they might stick with you.

6. Use TikTok ads

Increasing your TikTok followers isn't a mere fit, especially when you rely on organic sources. 

TikTok ads are relatively more straightforward strategies to implement when considering how to increase followers. These ads can be niche-specific, which can improve your influence in no time.

7. Use CTA to encourage followers

CTA means call-to-action, which is a strategic way of getting your viewers to follow you or do something very specific. 

This can be done by explicitly requesting viewers to carry out the action. When this is done appropriately, the results are instant.

Final words

When you share videos on your TikTok without having commensurate followers, it brings your effort to futility.

Following the above recommendations should be enough to bring your numbers to acceptable levels. 

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