How to Tell When Someone Views Your TikTok Videos

How to Tell When Someone Views Your TikTok Videos

Published on 5th of April 2022

TikTok is one social media platform that specializes in hosting trending videos, making it very popular among teens and young adults.

This has translated to millions of users in the last few years, and the platform can't seem to stop growing.

It's always a delightful feeling when you upload a video and know the details of people who viewed your beloved creation.

This is sometimes necessary to know what works for you and when to tie loose ends where they exist. For others, they just want to know who saw their videos.

Whatever your reasons, I specially prepared this article to show you some tricks and tips on how to tell when someone views your TikTok videos.

Was there ever a similar feature on TikTok?

woman using gray binocularsNot really. TikTok has never had a specific setting or feature that directly shows you account details of those who viewed your content.

However, you can do a little trick that gives you an idea. This involves checking out your profile visitors, giving you an excellent idea as to who viewed your video, albeit without certainty.

But wait, is this feature still available?

Sadly, no. It has been long gone since an update on the app sometime in 2020. You can no longer see your profile visitors, which makes it quite difficult to trace your video viewers.

How can you get this information?

There are several ways you can still get this done losing no sleep. We'll start with the easy ones and progress to the less simple ways. 

1. Check your notifications

woman in white shirt using smartphoneNot everyone knows this simple yet effective trick that works nearly all the time. 

TikTok keeps records of nearly all activities that take place on your account. It does not leave the number of your profile visitors out. But how is profile visit relevant video views? 

The people that viewed your videos are likely to have gone through your profile. 

When you get to know your profile visitors, it aids you toward narrowing down those who viewed your posts.

  • Open the TikTok app, and you will see the notification button at the lower portion of the screen.

  • Next, you will see a label that displays "Viewed your profile."

  • You can click on this link to display a list of profile visitors.

2. Check your TikTok analytics

person sitting on chair holding iPadIt is very appropriate to use this feature if you are tracking videos from your channel. 

Statistics and analytics gotten from this end can be very informative. They, however, do not give out specific names or identities of video viewers. 

How can you get statistics and analytics from TikTok?

To gain access to this section, you will need to convert your account to TikTok Pro. Thankfully, you do not need to pay for this. 


  • Click on the icon labeled "Me."

  • Next, you access your Profile Settings by clicking on the three dots located in the top right corner. 

  • You will see a menu list where you are expected to click on the "Manage Account" link. 

  • Next, you will see a link labeled "Switch to Pro account.” This is located at the bottom of the Manage Account menu. Tap on this link.

  • Here, you will have the option of choosing between a "Business" and "Creator" account. 

  • Next, you can decide to specify gender, and you are done.

Once done, go to your settings and locate Creator Tools. There, you'll have access to your analytics.

3. Use live count

There are a good number of third-party services that can provide you with details related to the usage of your account. 

You can use these services to monitor your video view counts. This gives you an idea of how people are viewing your videos. 

Alongside your video view count, you can also verify if someone viewed your videos. Use this link to visit one of such services. 

All you need to do is put in your TikTok video URL, and it will provide you details of the viewers. However, this will not show you the usernames of such viewers.

In summary…

It is quite difficult to track down your precise profile visitors but not entirely impossible. 

You can follow some of the tricks mentioned above and you would have solved that problem to a large extent.

Good luck!

Check out this article for the recent news about the reintroduction of Tiktok’s Profile View feature.

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