Tips and Best Practices for Going Live on TikTok

Tips and Best Practices for Going Live on TikTok

Published on 8th of March 2022

TikTok is the hot spot for marketers and content creators right now. Each day, it seems like a new trend or challenge goes viral, giving people the opportunity for an almost unlimited reach. While there are lots of ways to reach and engage viewers, going live is one of the best. With TikTok LIVE, you can interact and engage in real-time, much to the delight of viewers. Let’s go over the best practices and tips for streaming live on TikTok. 

Get Your Account Ready for a Live Broadcast

TikTok Live is only available to some creators. You have to be over the age of 16 to livestream on the network. Also, you need a minimum of 1,000 followers

If you’re short on followers, you can buy real TikTok likes. This will help you gain exposure and grow your audience. Before long, you’ll have 1,000 followers and can stream live. 

Come up With a Plan

Man Wearing Black and White Stripe Shirt Looking at White Printer Papers on the WallYou don’t have to create a full script before going live on TikTok. However, it’s wise to formulate a plan before you start streaming. That way, your video will have a focus. On the other hand, if you don’t have a plan, you might freeze up and have trouble thinking of what to say.

You can jot down some talking points that you can refer to throughout the broadcast. Consider writing them down on a poster board. Then, hang the poster board up, so you can see it during the broadcast. Then, if you forget what to say, you can look at the poster board to refresh your memory. 

Consider the Length

A Pomegranate and beside an HourglassYou can stream a live video for up to an hour. However, 30 minutes seems to be the sweet spot. In general, TikTok is about creating and sharing short content. Most viewers aren’t going to stick around for a full hour to watch a video. However, you can get people to stay engaged for a half-hour, as long as your video is interesting.

Choose a Time to Go Live 

Person Wearing Silver Aluminum Case Apple Watch With White Sport BandYou also need to choose the right time to go live on TikTok. If you go live when your audience is active, you’ll get more views. You’ll also increase your chances of appearing on TikTok’s For You page. 

You can find out when your audience is most active by accessing your analytics. First, go to “Creator Tools” and then navigate to “Analytics.”

Next, head to the “Followers” tab. It has a ton of information, including when your audience is most active on the app. Time your broadcast, so it reaches your viewers during that time.

Post a Video Right Before Going Live

Did you know that if someone views one of your videos while you’re live, they’ll see an icon that lets them know about the livestream? This is an excellent way to expand your reach. Thus, upload a video shortly before your broadcast. Then, the viewers will be apt to check out your TikTok LIVE video. 

Let Your Followers Know About the Live Video 

Cheerful young woman screaming into megaphoneYou can let your followers on TikTok and other social networks know that you’re going live. Tease the streaming event in a way that will hype people up. Let them know what time you’ll go live and give them an idea of what they can expect. 

Set up for the Video

Photo of a Man Sitting in Front of a Camera You don’t need expensive equipment for TikTok LIVE. However, you do want to provide the best viewing experience possible. Start by choosing a well-lit area to stream the video. If possible, set up in a room that has lots of natural light. However, if that’s not an option, invest in a ring light. It will distribute the light evenly, so your video will look great. These lights work so well that employers have been known to buy them for employees to use during Zoom meetings when working at home. 

Next, make sure the space is quiet. Close your windows and turn off the TV and radio. 

Then, set up your camera so it’ll be steady during the broadcast. Choose a spot and then secure it, so it doesn’t move around. Otherwise, your viewers might get dizzy when watching your video. 

Check Your Internet Connection

White Switch Hub Turned onLivestreams take up a lot of bandwidth. You don’t want to end up with internet issues when you go live. That will be a disaster and could impact future live videos. For instance, if your video buffers throughout the stream, people might not check back your next livestream.

Invest in a good internet plan, router, and modem. Also, test the connection before going live. You can conduct an internet speed test online to determine if your connection is up to the challenge.

Engage While Live

Once you go live, pay attention to comments. You should respond to them so you can interact with your audience. If it’s a popular livestream, you won’t be able to get to them all. However, pick the best ones to make your stream interactive.

Moderate the Comments 

Person Holding White Android SmartphoneYou also need to moderate comments when you’re streaming. If you see any inappropriate or harassing comments, you can mute or block the user. Then, your followers can enjoy the video instead of dealing with someone’s poor behavior.

Include a Call to Action

Adding a call to action to your TikTok LIVE video can help you reach your marketing goals. For instance, you can ask people to follow your account during the stream. Don’t open with this, though. Instead, wait for viewers to come to the stream and start watching. Once you have lots of eyes on you, state the call to action. Then, you can go back to the topic of the video. 

Prepare for Your TikTok LIVE Stream

These tips will help you make a splash when going live on TikTok. However, remember that you can’t stream your first live video until you have at least 1,000 followers. Get to your goal by uploading fun and engaging videos. Then, buy TikTok likes to show the app that you run a popular account. Your videos will get more exposure, and then people will follow you to see what’s next. Then, you’ll obtain 1,000 followers and be ready for your first livestream.

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