How To Use AI To Go Viral on TikTok

How To Use AI To Go Viral on TikTok

Published on 23rd of April 2024

TikTok and its valuable algorithm are behind the platform’s coveted For You page. Behind all of this lies AI technology. The app uses AI-powered recommendation engines to present users with content they find interesting. This concept works with the help of a self-training AI engine, content tags, and user profiles. It also employs data, metrics, and the governing algorithm to draw users in and compel them to stay on the app to consume more content.

TikTok keeps the inner workings of its core algorithm a secret. And it has worked incredibly well. The app shows users the content they want to see without individual users having to follow specific accounts. If you think this is impressive, wait until you hear how you can use a little bit of AI magic yourself to create viral TikTok content that appears on the For You page.

Keep the Algorithm in Mind

Even though we’ll never really be privy to exactly how TikTok’s algorithm works, you must consider the broad strokes of it if you want your content to go viral. For instance, the algorithm will prioritize your videos if your followers watch them through to the end. It will also favor your videos if you get a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

Moreover, the hashtags, captions, and sounds you use in your videos will ultimately guide the right audience to your content. This all means that your videos must strike the right chord with your followers and TikTok itself.

Saying Goodbye To Writer’s Block

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The foundation of any viral video is the central story. If you throw a bunch of images together without a narrative, you will confuse your audience, and they’ll skip your content when it appears on their feed again. Your TikTok videos must tell a story and motivate an action at the end (or the beginning).

For example, if you are a novel writer and want to introduce your new book to your audience, you can narrate the first three pages while showing them on screen. This type of narrative tells your followers exactly what to expect from your book. At the end of your video, you can add a link for them to tap on to buy your book.

Or, if you are a painter, you can blur your canvas and ask a bunch of questions through your video: what do you think this is, or how many guesses do you need?

But, if you promote a product or service, you may find it challenging to draft a story that sells them to your audience. In this case, AI is invaluable. You can use ChatGPT or to help you brainstorm an excellent script for your video. You can even use these programs to generate unique keywords.

AI content generators can do anything from writing captions to generating entire video scripts and novels. Using an AI content writer is one of the easiest ways to create a viral TikTok video because it helps you refine your own ideas sparked by a single prompt.

Master the Scriptwriting Process

You can take your script writing to a whole new level by using AI writing assistants. These programs take a video and audience description and turn it into a ready-to-use TikTok script. You can even tell the program the tone you want the script to take, and it will deliver an engaging piece of writing instantly.

Naturally, AI programs cannot replicate human inflection in writing. So, the result will still need some human tweaking. But the foundation is strong, even if you personalize it completely.

Video Editing in a Jiffy

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Editing TikTok videos is a time-consuming and often boring process. You can take the drag out of editing your videos using an AI program like Descript or Kapwing. Moreover, these editing programs allow you to produce professionally edited TikTok videos that have a higher chance of going viral. You can automate the video trimming process, experiment with scene transitions, and add fun overlays and music to help your videos stand out on TikTok.

Contrary to popular belief, some of the most popular TikTok videos aren’t those that are shot on the spur of the moment. Yes, these videos occupy their own space on the app, and people love them. But carefully thought-out videos often fare better. Just remember that professionally edited doesn’t equal overly polished. You want your videos to appeal to a broad audience. This means you must use relatable stories and characters.

Scenes, skits, and people that look too perfect can have the opposite effect on your followers and put them off. So, when you use AI to edit your videos, focus on transitions and timing instead of using characters that look like models.

Music Is a Must

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You cannot create a viral video without the right music. You can create a silent video, but most people prefer videos with background sounds or music. People feel something when they hear a specific song or sound.

Think of the soundtrack to the Simpsons. If you grew up in the 90s, the Simpsons theme will instantly transport you back to that decade when you hear it. The same goes for the Gummi Bears tune and the Macarena. People attach emotional value to music, so the sound you choose for your videos plays a massive role in whether they will go viral.

You can use AI music platforms like Amper Music to analyze your video content. The platform will scan the content and suggest royalty-free music tracks to complement the video. If you want to create a new sound or song, you can do this using AI technology. However, if you want to evoke nostalgia, the best way to go is with a well-known song.

A Word of Caution on AI

While AI can do incredible things, it cannot provide the heart and soul of your videos. AI can spark the content flame, but you must fan the fire with your unique ideas and creativity. Use AI like you would any other online tool, for inspiration. Don’t let it replace your voice entirely, or you may lose your hard-earned TikTok audience.

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