3 Unique Tools to Make Your TikTok More Professional

3 Unique Tools to Make Your TikTok More Professional

Published on 25th of April 2023

Creating content for your TikTok account can be pretty challenging, considering the level of competition out there. Your job is made easier when you have access to specific tools that help you through this process.

A couple of tools you could leverage exist - some of which are free while others are paid, but the most important thing is choosing what you need and what works for you.

After reading this piece, you should be able to manage your TikTok account professionally while uploading content that can compete with the best.

Below are three unique tools that will indeed transform your TikTok account and make it look more professional.

1. TikTok’s native video editor

The first tool you’d love to familiarize yourself with is an in-built video editor accessible within the app. Aside from it being a great tool, it’s also entirely free to use.

The joy of using TikTok is that you can play around with the editing features this tool gives you.

How to use this editor

First, you need to record your video. The next step is to select your desired effect. You can also select the exact speed at which you want your recording to run. This can be changed to run slower or faster.

You can also select a sound to play in the background, and you can do this by simply tapping the "Add a sound" button, which will open up a collection of relevant music options to choose from.

Next, you can go on to record your video. All you need to do is press on the red record icon to start your recording and don't let go till you’re done.

To edit your video using the TikTok native video editor, you’ll need to follow the descriptions below.

Add a sound

To reiterate, the "Add a sound" feature is probably the first one you’d want to know - it’s quite important. You can open up a massive collection of music options when you tap on this feature.

Tapping on "Flip"

Tapping on this icon allows you to choose either the front or back-facing camera for your videos, which can come in handy when using a selfie stick or tripod for recording.


This icon allows you to choose the speed at which you want your video to play. You can easily play in fast or slow motion.


You can unlock several special effects such as enhancements, split screens, and filters.

You can use animal, trendy, or face effects through this interface. You can also shorten your video.

Do this by clicking on "Trim," as this can help you pick your desired video length.


Mixer enables you to set the sound levels using a mixer interface. You can also adjust the relative volume between the recorded sound and that gotten from the soundtrack used in the background.


silver bell alarm clock

It’s not enough to know how to record your videos, as correctly timing your posting interval is equally essential.

Although we’re non-affiliated, the Loomly scheduling tool can help you plan your posting. The tool can post videos on your behalf while asleep; you get more time to manage other important tasks.

Loomly has made it easier to publish your content at regular intervals, which has made collaborative efforts and marketing easier. With this, you shouldn’t run out of ideas on what to post, when to post, or how to go about it.

There’s a content library available to choose from, and the tool also offers excellent optimization ideas you can consider.

The Loomly tool is also perfect for TikTokers who love to work in groups. You can keep up with what your team members are doing within the app - no more missing out on an update from them.

When your team members comment or like a post, you immediately get a notification via email or some other channel. Loomly is also relatively easy to set; you can integrate it with your TikTok account seamlessly.

A round-up of some of the features available on Loomly includes the following:

  • You have access to an organized social media calendar.
  • It provides you with ideas on what to post based on trends, feeds, surrounding events, and what other top users are doing.
  • Your pictures, videos, thoughts, links, notes, and posts are strategically arranged in a content library that you can access at will.
  • It offers a platform to work with team members. You can follow their every action as you work collaboratively.

However, this tool isn’t entirely free to use. You’re required to pay some money to access all features.

3. Celebian

Another tool you must have in your collection as a professional TikTok user is Celebian, which was one of the earliest tools created.

Growing a social media account can be pretty challenging, especially on a platform like TikTok with lots of competitors. Celebian comes in handy as it was specifically developed for this purpose.

Services offered by this tool can help grow your account professionally and at a very appreciable rate.

When you subscribe to this tool, you’ll have access to a dashboard saddled to work with you for your growth. The tool is also very secure to use due to the end-to-end encryption put in place.

Celebian doesn't just crowd your account with irrelevant followers as you’ll be asked questions that will give them relevant knowledge regarding the type of followers you need.

So, with this tool, you’ll be able to engage with relevant users, gaining real and appropriate followers along the way.

What you stand to gain:

  • Access to your target audience
  • Easily boost your numbers
  • The tool can also engage with your audience if you so wish
  • Access to an advanced targeting feature
  • Round-the-clock support

You’re allowed to unsubscribe from the service if you’re not satisfied with its delivery. Celebian isn’t free to use but the prices are pretty affordable.

Final thoughts

TikTok is a fun app to use, but it becomes very stressful when you’re not meeting up with business goals and set expectations.

To help solve some of these difficulties, you need some tools, which have been listed above.

Those tools can help you edit your videos, increase your followers and engagement rates.

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