Simple Tips to Get More Followers on TikTok

Simple Tips to Get More Followers on TikTok

Published on 13th of July 2021

Getting lots of followers on TikTok can seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually easier than you think. There are some simple strategies you can incorporate to increase your number of followers. While you might not get 1,000 followers overnight, these strategies will help you grow your audience over time. 

Post Often

Uploading posts regularly is one of the most effective ways to get more followers on TikTok. Each post will allow you to reach more people, meaning you can build your following. Also, when you maintain a regular posting schedule, you’ll keep your current followers engaged. That means you won’t have to worry about losing followers.

The question is: How often should you post? If you can swing it, post something each day. However, if that’s not possible, at least aim to upload a post once a week. 

Share Your Videos on Other Social Media Networks 

Social Media, Social, Network, Internet AddictionLink your TikTok and Instagram accounts. Also, share a link to your profile on other social media networks. Your followers might not know that you have an active presence on TikTok. Once they find out, they’ll head over to check it out. Many of the people who follow you on other networks will also follow you on TikTok. This is one of the easiest ways to grow your following on TikTok. It’s also a great way to keep your followers engaged across multiple networks. 

Do Something Different

person holding white smartphone taking photo of woman wearing blue jeansFollowing the latest trends is a great way to reach more people on TikTok. However, you’ll end up having trouble amassing and maintaining a following if that’s all you do. The best TikTok users showcase their creativity when making videos. Think outside of the box so you can bring something fun and unique to the site. 

This might seem a little challenging at first, but you’ll get better at it over time. The better you get, the more followers you’ll attract. People will stick around to see what you come up with next. 

Don’t Delete Videos That Don’t Land

Computer, Keys, Pc, Delete, Me, Keyboard, SilverSometimes, you’ll post what you think is an amazing video, but it won’t get much engagement. Your knee-jerk response might be to delete it from your profile, but that is a mistake. Sometimes, videos take a little while to take off on the site. Leave it up in case it gets a second life. Then, it will help you reach people and gain new followers.

Also, by leaving your videos up, you’ll have a profile full of content. If you only have a few videos up, you might not get followers. However, as you increase the amount of content, you can also increase your number of followers.

Create a Fun Bio

Some people will read your bio before deciding if they want to follow you. If it’s bland or incomplete, they’ll click away from your profile. Take a few minutes to create an original and fun bio. Don’t just copy something from another one of your social media networks. Make it fresh and exciting, so you can attract more followers. 

Share User-generated Content

You can expand your reach and increase your followers by posting user-generated content. TikTok makes this easier than any other social media network. When you find the content you want to post, download it. Then, when you repost, it will include the original poster’s handle. You’ll give instant credit along with a shout-out to the original creator. 

When you do this, you’ll notice that some people will start tagging you when they upload videos. People like to have their content highlighted, so they’ll help you increase your exposure. This exposure boost can also help you build a large following. 

Create a Challenge

TikTok is known for its challenges and trends. You can build your following by creating your own challenge. Create a fun and entertaining challenge and share it with your followers. If your followers embrace it, they’ll share it, and it will spread around TikTok. You can grow your audience really quickly if you do this.

Keep in mind that your first or even your second challenge might not take off, but don’t let that discourage you. Think about what didn’t work, and then try it again. Eventually, you’ll post the right challenge at the right moment, and it will take off.

Follow Other Accounts

Hand, Smartphone, Tiktok, App, ApplicationSpend some time searching for TikTok accounts in your niche. Then, follow some of those accounts. Some of the people you follow will likely check out your account. If they like your bio and videos, there’s a good chance they will follow you as well. This has two benefits. First, it will help you find out what content the people in your niche are producing. Second, of course, it will help you grow your following. 

Embrace New Features

Like other social media networks, TikTok unveils new features from time to time. For instance, it recently added a Playlist feature. TikTok wants content creators to use the new features. Because of that, it tends to extend the reach of videos that use the new feature. Use the new features when posting, so you can expand your reach and increase your follower count. 

Create a Video Series

You can also grow your following by creating a series of videos around one topic. This will allow you to go more in-depth around a topic, showing off your expert status. You can impress people with a video series, thus growing your following quickly. Plus, these series are fun to create. You can dive into a topic and explore it at length, which plays into your strengths as an expert. 

Put in the Work to Grow Your Audience

If you incorporate these strategies, you will begin to grow your audience. Remember, it takes some time to increase your followers. However, if you put the work in, you should notice an upward trend each week. Then, you will reach your goals and have a large number of followers. After you have a strong following, it will be easier for you to monetize the platform and grow your business.

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