TikTok and Its Effect on the Entertainment Industry

Published on 8th of February 2022

TikTok is a platform that lets users explore their creativity in numerous ways—from conducting elaborate experiments, singing, and lip-syncing to dancing and anything in-between—as long as it's fun.

The magic of TikTok is in its sudden virality—anyone can go viral at any given time. To move from a nobody to a global sensation, the only thing you need is your creativity.

The social network has shaped much of the user's lifestyle, from its influence and interest in politics to its effect on the music (and even film) industry.

TikTok went from being the most beguiling and smeared app (due to the US ban by Trump) to competing with top social networks in 2020.

It has taken the entertainment industry by storm, with users being able to select from a vast database of songs, filters and features—and lip-syncing too. Due to these, during the global pandemic, TikTok was able to cement a solid presence in the music industry.

To show how big the app's influence has been, the top 10 charts on TikTok have become far more significant than the top 10 charts on Spotify. The app's allure can be related to the fact that its users are both consumers and creators, adding to TikTok’s sound database as they consume and generate content.

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"There's a bold internet culture on TikTok; you kind of have to be a consumer of the content to be a good creator," says Will Joseph Cook, a TikTok user who went viral after dropping his song titled "Be Around Me."

TikTok absorbed Musical.ly in 2018, a platform remarkably for music creation and sharing.

The rebranding of TikTok was immensely successful—making it one of the world's most profitable startups.

Effects of TikTok on the music industry

silhouette of peopleTo fully understand the effect TikTok has on this industry, we have to first understand where it stands at the moment. In the past decade, music has evolved from CDs and stations (TV and radio) to several streaming services.

The growing influence of these music services, over the discovery and consumption of music, has left us with unlimited access to millions of songs at our fingertips.

Before the streaming era, music was discovered on our radios, TVs, through mouth-to-mouth recommendations, and at parties or events. Now, in the streaming era, music is available to anyone with Internet access and a subscription to a streaming platform.

Most streaming platforms create a playlist for the user based on an algorithm of frequent plays, which leads to the discovery of new artists or songs.

So, the effect of TikTok can be seen through a lens of democratized and digitized music creation. One main component of TikTok is the music, which is present in a majority of its videos.

Then we have the sale of the user's participation; this inoculates a feeling of individual agency back into music consumption. TikTok gives users a platform to interpret any song as they see fit.

Through the app, music creation has become a living function, as released tracks get remixed frequently and remodelled to generate multiple iterations—primarily varying in visuals but sufficiently diverse, to keep things exciting.

Some artists are even leveraging the platform to directly involve their fans in the process of their music creation.

TikTok's Duet feature is used by top artists such as Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez, and Jason Derulo.

In short, streaming has shifted the power of making hits from mass media to algorithms—allowing TikTok to usher in a new age where music consumers get to presently take part in the production of hit titles.

Also, in a way, record labels have taken notice of the number of rising talents showing up on the platform. These labels have even proceeded to sign several artists off the platform, occasionally based on a viral hit.

Recognizing the promotional significance of the app, TikTok has started to launch itself as a music discovery platform for unknown singers and artists.

Effects of TikTok on the film industry

photography of CinemaDue to the lockdown, many filmmakers have taken to TikTok to continue their craft. And not surprisingly, emerging talents have landed movie roles just from using the app.

Users like Addison Rae amassed a large following of over 60 million, having bagged a movie role in the upcoming movie reboot of He's All That.

TikTok has forged a fascinating connection with movies and TV shows. TikTokers use the platform to connect with cinema in diverse ways, from easy deference to shrewd commentary. Movies can be maliciously mimicked or recreated in dynamic homage to the original makers.

In TikTok videos, movies may be ridiculed, complemented, or remixed gaily. Owing to the fact that TikTok permits users to upload videos with pre-recorded sounds consisting of famous songs and movie dialogues, it’s simple to depict movie scenes or utilize their soundtracks creatively.

Youthful movie enthusiasts have created a whole genre out of imitating their beloved movie scenes, generally with one person performing different roles.

Final thoughts

TikTok can be utilized in various ways—from increasing the popularity of a song, re-enacting a movie scene, and comedy skits to lifehack videos and so on.

The platform has left its memorable mark on the entertainment industry. It's being an essential tool in music creation and publicity, as well as seeking talents for movie roles. What's more, there's no stopping the social network anytime soon.