Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Sleep on TikTok

Published on 7th of December 2021

Social media platforms have become a huge strategy in the promotional processes of many brands and businesses.

Whether it's for marketing or improving brand loyalty, social networks are slowly becoming the biggest way to attain productivity or growth now.

And TikTok is one of such networks; in fact, it's arguably the most engaging platform that many businesses are tapping into today.

There are so many ways you can convert on this platform, especially if your target audience falls between ages 13 and 30.

Though TikTok became popular mainly for dance videos, there are so many other reasons you shouldn't sleep on it.

closeup photo of white cup on wooden surfaceBelow are some valid reasons you should invest in TikTok marketing right now.

  • Many users spend more time on TikTok

The first reason you need to use TikTok is that users spend more time on the platform compared to others.

Because of the pandemic, TikTok became the additional source of entertainment for creative, bored, or homebound individuals.

At first, it seemed like this new platform was going to disappear as so many others did. Nobody ever thought it would become as popular as Instagram, but luckily the opposite is the case.

TikTok has continued to grow and more users spend a lot of time watching several videos and trying out new challenges.

With more users spending their time on TikTok compared to other platforms, you have a higher chance of building awareness and selling your products or services there.

  • Viral videos, i.e., effective content reach

fish eye photography of cityOne of the many ways TikTok differs from other social networking platforms like Instagram is that they have viral videos and they get very, very popular.

This is an amazing way to increase the visibility of your business and customize new ways to improve your marketing strategies with this app.

For instance, if you create a product video that becomes viral, the product will probably become quite popular not only on TikTok.

Think about it for a minute. Where do most of the viral videos today come from? Yes, TikTok, and you can find these videos on several other social platforms.

Hence, it gets easier to reach an audience on other platforms while using only TikTok. All you need is some level of creativity and your videos will go viral in no time.

  • All companies can leverage TikTok

Another crucial reason you should not sleep on TikTok anymore. You can leverage the app for marketing, no matter what your niche is.

Usually, before starting a campaign, you would need to consider different details about your audience.

Mostly you need to know who they are, their location, interests, and so much other information. This would help you decide on the right platform to run your campaign.

Fortunately, you don't need to go through all that research with TikTok. Thanks to how clear they set this app up, you can easily tell if it will be the right fit for you to market your products.

You can easily search your niche as a hashtag and you will most likely find it on the platform.

There are so many marketing videos from different niches such as beauty, lifestyle, real estate, plumbing, teaching, and medicine.

So, you have a higher chance of finding an audience for your brand on TikTok.

  • Perfect for content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful and effective tool and has proven to be successful in different industries.

By providing your audience with valuable information about your products, you offer assurance and convince them to be loyal.

Brand loyalty is a very important part of productivity and growth, and TikTok can simplify this process for you.

Because of how entertaining TikTok videos can be, content is easily digested and marketed to the audience. And with multiple users, you can find and appeal to your niche with ease.

Another interesting part of how TikTok makes it easier to market content is that it is easy to engage users. Research shows that the average user spends over 50 minutes watching videos with sound on, which is higher than on other platforms.

Again, this shows that viewers are more engaged on TikTok than on other social media platforms.

  • Accurate recommendation engine

Crop woman showing okay gesture touching sun on street

One very interesting fact that you need to know about using TikTok is that it drives traffic to different videos quickly and easily. TikTok works with a recommendation engine that customizes the feed for users based on what they're interested in.

Now, you might think that other platforms offer this too. However, there is a difference. While platforms such as Instagram and Facebook utilize artificial intelligence to streamline your feed, TikTok just does it so much better.

TikTok uses proprietary machine learning to offer users a personalized experience with no guide. Hence, it's designed to help users find certain topics or people without the hassle of searching for them manually.

Hence, if an audience is interested in your niche, they will probably find you with no hassle. This makes it easier to increase visibility and sell your products and services.

  • Cross-promotion is easy

To reiterate, one amazing reason you shouldn't be sleeping on TikTok is the ability to promote your brand on different platforms easily. Cross-promotion makes it super easy to improve sales and conversions on multiple platforms.

Also, it helps you stay relevant to those social networks. For instance, you can keep using Instagram and TikTok simultaneously by cross-promoting one content on the other.

You can save uploaded TikTok videos to your camera roll and upload them on several channels/pages in minutes. This will not only help with productivity but also save time.

In addition, you can use this to invite existing followers on other platforms to follow your TikTok.

  • Easy collaboration with local creators

People in park supporting each otherMicro-influencers are the go-to for many upcoming brands seeking to market their brands. And here, it's uncomplicated to collaborate with others.

Influencers can help you reach thousands or even millions of users while working within a budget. And since TikTok is one of the key social media platforms, you can tap into right now, this is a smart approach.

With incredible machine learning capabilities, a wide range of users spending more time on the app every day, and different niches accessible, you can market to the right audience—always.