Use Hashtags to Increase TikTok Views and Followers

Published on 28th of September 2021

If you spend much time on social media, you likely understand the importance of hashtags. You can use hashtags to categorize your posts, so they reach the right audience. Finding and using the right hashtags on TikTok is a critical aspect of making the algorithm work for you. With the right hashtags, your videos can appear on the For You page and reach a whole new audience. When that happens, you can expect to get more views and followers. 

Find out how to find and use the right hashtags on TikTok. Then, implement the strategies and keep an eye on your metrics to analyze the results.

For You Page Hashtags

Getting videos on the For You page is a considerable accomplishment. TikTok only adds high-quality content that is likely to generate interest. If you get on this page, you will significantly increase your chances of going viral on TikTok.

There are numerous factors involved in getting your videos featured on the For You page. This includes creating high-quality videos with lots of engagement. However, that’s not all. The hashtags you use can also play a role in getting featured on the page.

Marketers have realized that using hashtags related to the For You page makes it easier to get exposure. Include hashtags like #for youpage, #foryou, and #fyp to get your videos in front of a larger audience. You don’t have to do this with all of your videos, but definitely include these hashtags when uploading your best content. 

Find a Balance Between Broad and Niche Hashtags 

Piled of Blue Books on Human FeetDon’t stop by just adding hashtags related to the For You page. You also need to choose hashtags related to your content and audience. For the best results, find the sweet spot between broad and niche hashtags. 

Broad hashtags refer to general hashtags, such as #marketing. These hashtags have such high levels of competition that you’ll have trouble cutting through the noise and getting noticed.

At the same time, niche keywords often aren’t broad enough. Some users add keywords related to micro-niches, and then their videos reach such a small audience that they don’t get any traction on the site. It’s not even a matter of the niche being too small. It’s because people don’t generally type micro-niche keywords into TikTok when searching for videos. Because of that, these hashtags don’t work. 

Use a broad keyword as a starting point and then narrow it down to find the right hashtags. Check the competition level for the hashtags you select. You want to find niche hashtags that still have competition. That means that people are searching for hashtags, so you can reach an audience.

Expand to Related Hashtags

Once you have a list of hashtags, use TikTok’s search feature to find related hashtags. Type your hashtag into the search bar without the # sign. Then, click search and select the “Hashtags” tab. Browse through the list to see if any of the related hashtags will fit with your video. 

Use a Hashtag Tool

If you’re still having trouble coming up with relevant hashtags, consider using a hashtag finder tool. You can type a general keyword into the tool, and it will come back with high-performing hashtags. You can receive hundreds or even thousands of ideas when using a tool. You can’t use them all right now, so create a list. Then, you can go back to the list when you need a new hashtag before uploading a video. 

Check the Competition

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Wearing Yellow BeretDo you have competitors that are killing it on TikTok? They’ve managed to reach a massive audience partly due to the hashtags they use. You can learn quite a bit by following them. Check the hashtags for their highest-performing videos and add them to your marketing strategy. This might seem like cheating, but hashtags are fair game on TikTok. In fact, once you improve your hashtag use, others might start borrowing hashtags from you.  

Follow the Trends

Woman in Black CarTrends are the foundation of TikTok. They can explode and take over the app in an instant. You can increase your reach and follower count by adding trending hashtags to your captions. 

TikTok’s Discover tab features all of the app’s hottest trends. You don’t want to use a trending hashtag that doesn’t fit with what you’re posting. However, if you find a trending hashtag that makes sense for your video, add it. Then, you can get in front of lots of new users.

Add a Branded Hashtag

Creating your own branded hashtag is also a powerful marketing strategy. Wait until you’ve amassed a solid follower count. Then, come up with a branded hashtag to add to your videos. Others can use the branded hashtag when sharing videos related to your company. You can get tons of exposure when you do this. 

Don’t stop at just one. You can create a unique branded hashtag for each campaign you create. For instance, if you decide to run a marketing campaign around a challenge, create a branded hashtag. It should be easy to spell and remember, so people don’t have to go back and forth to your page when using it. Then, encourage your followers and viewers to include the hashtag whenever they share videos related to the campaign.

Test the Hashtags

Testing the hashtags is also essential if you’re going to be successful on TikTok. Upload similar videos, but use different hashtags for them. For example, you can use two to three niche hashtags, plus #fyp for one video. Then, use only niche hashtags for the other. See which one performs better.

Start Building a Hashtag Database Today

Now is a great time to start building your hashtag database. Come up with a large number of hashtags to pull from and update it regularly. Remember, some hashtags might perform well today but be irrelevant in a month, so clean your list as needed. Once your list is ready, start posting amazing hashtags when uploading videos. Then, watch your follower count and views increase.