Hacks to Get Real and Active TikTok Followers

Published on 20th of September 2022

Today, we're here to discuss the following steps to take to leverage the followers you've acquired.

What to do after buying real and active TikTok followers

yellow and black taxi signPurchasing followers is a beacon to attract other followers, but you also need to do some work to ensure something tangible happens.

For starters, here are the things you need to do after buying real and active TikTok followers from a service like Celebian:

1. Create amazing content

TikTok is the home of unique and interesting content. If you want to get noticed and go viral on this platform, you need enticing content—i.e.,  you need to work.

You may not have any content ideas, but you need not worry. You can always Google search TikTok content ideas, what's trending on the app, or some pointers to start easy.

It’s only when you create exciting content that your purchased followers will act as a beacon to attract extra followers.

Whenever you make targeted content, your followers (organic and bought) will like and engage with it, which signals the algorithm to show your post to even more TikTokers. This is one opportunity for you to promote yourself and increase your followers.

2. Use trending or relevant hashtags

red and white polka dot car toyWhen used correctly, hashtags can increase content discovery by a few folds. 

People who aren’t yet following you will stumble upon it, so always endeavor to add the right ones to all your uploads.

So, if you have a good understanding of what hashtags to use, your TikTok videos will get more likes, views, and traction.

TikTok isn’t just working with labels and musicians to help them promote their songs; they also partner with brands on campaigns to reach their customers. A hashtag and sound always follow these campaigns.

Videos that use this hashtag have a higher chance of being placed on the For You page while the campaign runs.

Hashtag suggestions are available with the in-app tool. Simply type what you would like to include in the caption, and recommendations will pop up. These popular hashtags are sure to increase your post's visibility!

3. Post at the right time

TikTok, like most high-end social networking apps, offers its users an analytics dashboard, where they can check some vital info and metrics.

One important metric is “Follower Activity.”

This tells you the times and days your followers are most active on the app. Look for when activities are consistently high and post regularly during that time slot.

4. Good lighting for your visuals

black and white lamp with tripodThe quality of the lighting in your videos is very important. Without sufficient light, TikTok might take your video down or refuse to publish it because they want everything to be safe for their viewers.

When you film in a dark room, it's difficult for the algorithm to tell what's happening. It might be good to write down an idea and save it for later, especially if it pops up at 2 am—you're not ready to film! Instead of filming at night, draft everything and film in a bright room during the day.

You may not need a rim light, but they help make the subject stand out more.

5. Feature trending songs in your TikToks

You should always add a trending song to your videos. Seeing as TikTok is rigged to promote these types of content, it’s a pretty good idea.

The platform has a massive influence in the music industry—take a look at the Top 100 Songs of the Week. TikTok has partnerships with many music labels and agencies, increasing the chance for songs to receive more streams.

There are various ways you can find out which songs are trending, including when uploading videos to the app. Simply select a track the algorithm recommends, and you're all set.

6. Jump on trends, but with a twist

To cater to your target audience, try taking things in a different direction. No one wants to consume content that has already been done before. So, your job is to mix trendy topics with new ideas.

One example is a recent trend, where hot girls would show off for followers. A genius brand turned that into an opportunity by putting a fun twist on it at the end, and it was hilarious!

It's got over 1.7 million views, and their account has blown up overnight with thousands of TikTok followers.

7. Post during the right time frames

mountain range under golden hourWhen it comes to social media, posting at specific times of the day can help generate the maximum amount of engagement.

It’s not as crucial on TikTok, but uploading at peak times can increase your video views. This makes it more difficult for competing videos to rank higher, often triggering a chain reaction that leads to you gaining more followers.

Videos can be pretty successful when posted early in the morning, midafternoon, or late at night. This is when people have time to look at their devices and browse TikTok.

It's a good idea to experiment and see what time frame delivers the best results for your target audience.

8. Refrain from deleting your TikToks

selective focus photo of person's hand with gold-colored ring in itSome videos work well right away, but others can take a bit of time to take off. What's important is that you don't give up and keep going without any!

Older content can go viral by accident. The video might suddenly appear as if it's popular month after month, but the sudden virality might just come on its own.

It is advisable to keep all videos on your TikTok account.

9. Craft a compelling profile bio

To attract new followers, ensure your profile looks appealing and fun. Having a stiff bio or trying too hard might scare people away!

And try not to just copy what you have done on Instagram or YouTube onto TikTok; craft something new!

While your bio can be any number of different things, it's best if it has some sort of call to action (like: follow for in-depth AI content.)

10. Stitch!

TikTok launched this feature called Stitch, a great way to scale your following rapidly. Stitch basically means using the first few seconds of another person’s video in yours.

One of the most popular uses is to create a compilation video in which you share someone's story by following it up with your version or building up on the subject.

Because it's a relatively new feature, you'll find that there are more Stitches on the For You page than regular videos.

Key takeaways

Never forget the name of the game, which is always to have fun!

TikTok is simply there for fun. It’s not a case of 'faking it till you make it,' so don't act like someone you're not. Make the best of what you have and grow your fan base naturally through meaningful engagement.

Be true to yourself and share your thoughts as they come. Don't be afraid to depart from a strict schedule of pre-planned content sometimes.

If you feel “old” or unconfident in your content, it shows through in your videos. And no one wants to watch contents that are such downers with no life.