How to Make The Most of TikTok Filters and Song Selection

Published on 14th of November 2023

One of the best ways to get your TikTok videos noticed is through by using filters and choosing the best songs. When you first get started sharing on TikTok, it can be hard to figure out the best ways to find popular filters and sounds for your posts.

Luckily, there are tutorials that will help you find your way through the TikTok realm. Do your research beforehand, and your posts will do better for it.

Below we have gathered a few tips to help get you started with making the most of TikTok filters and sounds.

1. Study Trending Posts on TikTok

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The easiest way to find out what sounds are trending on TikTok is to spend time on the app itself. Spending time scrolling your For You page (FYP) will let you know what songs and sounds are being used on trending videos. You can also observe how popular sounds are used and what types of videos they are combined with.

TikTok users spend the bulk of their time on the For You page, which is why the page is considered a core feature of the app. While scrolling these pages, take note of what songs and sounds are popular. You may not even have to focus hard, as videos often use the same sounds.

Also, remember what filters you see while on your FYP page. Selecting what is trending will help your account climb in popularity over time.

2. Utilize the Search Bar

You can also use the search bar on TikTok to find trending sounds. Simply follow these steps:

  • Click on the Tiktok icon.
  • Go to the magnifying glass or search symbol at the top of the screen.
  • Use search terms like "viral songs" or "popular songs".
  • When the results load, tap or click "Sounds" and you can see how often they are used.

You can also use the hashtag button to find popular hashtags and sound combos. For instance, try searching, “#viralsong” and you will see how often it is used. This is a quick way to find songs that are being used regularly.

3. Take Advantage of TikTok’s Sound Library

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Another way to find popular sounds is to use the TikTok sound library. Follow these steps to access this library:

  • Open Tiktok.
  • Press the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen, like you do when posting a video.
  • Click "Add sound" at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to "Playlist" and scroll through relevant playlists like "Featured" or "Trending Songs" and others.

4. Check TikTok’s Creative Center

Visit the Creative Center for more of TikTok’s most viral songs. There is even a filter here to search by region. This is very helpful when you are targeting specific markets. You can click on these songs and see a graph charting how they have performed for the week. You can get a Creative Center account free through TikTok Business Accounts, another free service.

5. Use Tokboard

Another way to search is to leverage external resources to find viral songs. One tool is Tokboard, which used to be called Tiktometer. This is a platform that collects and monitors data right from TikTok. The latest numbers show data from more than 80 million TikTok vids. With this service, you can learn a lot about songs before using them such as:

  • How often is the song played?
  • Hashtags related to the song.
  • Countries that are using the song.
  • Popular videos that feature the song.

6. Experiment with Different TikTok Filters

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Filters are another excellent resource for getting engagement with your followers and driving traffic. While scrolling through your For You Page, you will also get a feel for trending filters and find ones that are popular to give a go on your own page. If you want to add a filter to your video, simply look at the bottom left corner of the screen, and you will see the hashtag used for this filter.

There is a difference between filters and effects. Filters will change the color balance of your video, while effects add stickers, sounds, games, and graphics. Effects are another great way to keep creating engagement on your TikTok account. To look for effects, you can search using the same magnifying glass you use for songs and filters. With this feature, you can just use a term that describes what you are after such as “bling effect” or “water effect.”

Here are some tips for searching for filters when you are posting on TikTok:

Tap on the ‘Create Button’ from the menu at the bottom. Select uploading your image and then tap on the button that says “filters” on the right-hand side. From here, you can scroll through the available filters until you find one that you like.

Some Filters and Effects You Should Try

a screenshot of a video game

  • Anime Filter

    This filter became popular with Snapchat users as they uploaded their videos to TikTok. With this filter, you are transformed into an animated character. You do need to download Snapchat before being able to use this filter.

  • Bling Effect

    You have likely seen the Bling effect on your For You page. This imitates what it looks like to have diamonds with the sun shining off them in different places in your pic.

  • Dog Face Filter

    One of the most popular filters to use on TikTok is the dog face. This will give you a dog nose, tongue, and even ears when using it. This is another filter that needs to be used with the help of Snapchat.

  • The Infamous Inverted Filter

    This filter has many people divided on whether or not they like using it. When using it the filter flips your video with the front-facing camera. People say it mimics how other people see you. While some people find it interesting, others are unhappy with this ‘side’ of themselves. With all the fuss, this filter is one you need to try.

The Bottom Line

Between all the songs and filters on TikTok, there is no end to the variety your posts can have. Start exploring filters, effects, and sounds to find out how these can boost engagement with your target audience.