The Top TikTok Filters

The Top TikTok Filters

Published on 25th of January 2022

What started out as three different apps merged together, and in 2016, TikTok was born. After a global launch in 2017, TikTok quickly went viral. It is now considered one of the fastest-growing apps of all time. TikTok is especially popular with younger users who appreciate sharing and watching short video clips. 

If you are an influencer, having a presence on TikTok is important. Like any other social media platform, carving out a niche on TikTok is essential. But, you also need to make sure that people will want to watch your videos. Standard videos don’t tend to get a lot of traction. This is one of the reasons that filters are so popular. There are a number of different filters available for TikTok. Using the right filter will make your content stand out. Let’s look into some of the top filters for TikTok.

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Green Screen

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Green screen is one of the most popular and versatile TikTok filters available. With the green screen filter, only the outline of your body is detected while filming. This allows you to put whatever you want in the background. 

The background options are virtually endless. You can choose to use the options that are available on TikTok. There is also an option to download background material from the files on your phone. Using the green screen filter makes it easy to create a customized video that will gain attention. 

Color Customizer

The color customizer filter has gained a lot of traction with TikTok users. This filter makes it easy for any creator to modify the color saturation of the video. Doing so alters the colors of everything in the video, including clothing, hair, skin, and anything in the background. One of the reasons that the color customizer filter has become popular is because the intense colors make a video pop.

Beauty Mode

Everyone wants to look their best when posting content on TikTok, and the beauty mode makes that possible. The beauty mode filter smoothes out the appearance of your skin, brightens your eyes, and enhances make-up. In general, you can use beauty mode to make yourself look flawless when creating new content.


The trio filter is a fun effect used by many TikTok users. When you turn on the trio effect, two clones of yourself will be included in your video. It is important to note that all three images of yourself will be doing the same thing. The trio filter is especially popular for TikTok dance videos. If you’re planning on making a TikTok dance video, using the trio filter will make your content more visually interesting.


A fun and silly TikTok filter that is showing up in many videos is Expressify. The Expressify filter works by distorting the face of the person making a video. You can use the filter to give yourself unnaturally large eyes, a very big mouth, or highly exaggerated eyebrows. Many TikTok creators use the Expressify filter to create content to give a good laugh. 


silver mirror ball

As the name suggests, the TikTok disco filter adds disco lights to any video that you create. The disco filter can be used to make any video look like a party. Adding the disco filter to a video can turn content up a notch and make it more eye-catching.

Brew Filter

Brew filter, also called G6, is one of the most popular filters used on TikTok. This filter changes the appearance of a video by adding depth and glow. The result is content with a retro look. Since the brew filter is very versatile, it can be used when making all kinds of TikTok content. 

Things to Note About Filters

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If you’re a creator on TikTok, you can have a lot of fun using filters when making videos. Utilizing filters is also a great way to make content that people will click on and watch. When you use a new filter, make sure that you take a few minutes to learn more about how it works. Some filters can be added after a video is made. Other filters need to be turned on before you start creating content. 

It is a good idea to practice using a new filter before you spend time producing new content. You don’t want to waste your time creating a planned video only to discover that the filter is not a good match. The more you practice using a TikTok filter, the better your videos will be.

Using Filters From Other Platforms

Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest

TikTok has a number of filters available, and there are outside apps that offer compatible filters. But there are also popular filters that can only be found on other social media platforms, such as Snapchat. 

The good news is that you can incorporate your favorite Snapchat filters into your TikTok content. All you have to do is record a video on Snapchat using the filter of your choice. After you create your content, save the video to your phone. You can then upload the Snapchat video saved on your phone to your TikTok account. Doing this will give you access to even more filters.


TikTok is incredibly popular, and the platform is here to stay. You can use TikTok to make funny videos or utilize it to grow your brand and gain new followers. However, with so much content to choose from, you need to make videos that people want to watch. 

Using filters on your TikTok content is a simple and easy way to create something that people want to see. Take the time to explore the different filters available. Then use those filters to elevate your videos. A good rule of thumb is to use a variety of filters so you have a collection of fresh content that will trend with other TikTok users.

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