What to Know About TikTok’s New Promote Feature

Published on 31st of October 2023

TikTok has offered a Promote feature for a little while, giving marketers a simple and effective way to promote their content. More recently, the social media platform introduced new features for Promote, giving you even more marketing possibilities.

What Is TikTok’s Promote Feature?

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Promote is a TikTok feature that lets you easily turn organic content into ads. The feature only takes a handful of taps to turn TikToks that you already have into ads.

You can use the Promote feature in one of several ways, depending on your preference.

If you prefer to do so via your video settings, navigate to the TikTok video you want to promote. Tap the three dots and then select “Video Settings,” followed by “Promote".

Or you can use Promote via Creator Tools or Business Suite. To do so, tap the three-line icon on the top right corner. From there, navigate to “Settings and Privacy.” Then, select either Business suite or Creator tools. Now, you can tap “Promote.” Choose the video to promote. You will see a list of “Your public videos.”

After selecting the video to Promote, you can choose a business goal. These can be more video views, more website visits, or more followers. Then, you will be prompted to choose your audience and your budget. You will also choose how long to promote your video.

TikTok will review your video to ensure it meets the platform’s policies. You’ll get a notification when it is promoted. After promoting the video, you’ll be able to see insights and data about likes, shares, comments, views, and website link visits. You can even see data on viewers’ demographics.

Why Promote Organic Content?

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TikTok highlights some important reasons to use the Promote feature and your organic TikTok content instead of creating traditional ads. A recent study found that when someone sees organic TikTok videos before paid ads, this:

  • Boosts aided brand recall by 27%
  • Extends the length of attention to branding in the ad by 12%

What’s New for the Promote Feature – An Overview

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The announcement from TikTok introduces new boosting and targeting features to the existing Promote feature. Take a look at some of the specific new tools and features you can use within Promote.

  • New Goal to Drive Views to TikTok Page

    One of the changes is the addition of a new Promote goal. You can now set your goal to drive traffic to your TikTok page. This is a great way to take full advantage of your brand story, products, or services that you have already included in other TikTok content. Just choose the goal of “more profile views.” This will add a CTA to your promoted TikTok so viewers can go straight to your TikTok profile.

  • New Goal to Increase Messages

    Another new goal lets you aim for “more messages.” This is an excellent way to promote engagement. This is especially useful for any brand that relies on interactions to make sales. That can include businesses taking custom orders, service businesses, and B2B brands.

  • Promote Creators’ Content

    Many brands work with other creators or influencers on Tiktok. A new feature of Promote lets you boost these creators’ content. You can promote either their regular videos or their LIVE videos. Use this strategy to increase the views of the creator’s content among your target audience.

    This feature doesn’t have to be just about promoting your business, either. You can also use Promote for Others to boost the content, businesses, or creators that you want others to see. For example, you can use this feature to draw more attention to charities or non-profit organizations.

  • New Location Targeting

    Previously, you could set up your Promoted posts to target an audience based on interests, age, and gender. Now, TikTok also lets you target an audience based on location. This is especially helpful for small businesses that have physical locations and want to connect with their local community.

    If you want to keep things simple, you can just let TikTok choose your audience. If you prefer, you can also make a custom audience. Just select location, age, gender, and interests.

Expect More Updates in the Future

In TikTok’s announcement about the new Promote features, the platform also mentioned that they will continue to update the features for Promote. The platform wants to give brands and advertisers of all sizes the ability to meet their goals and grow their audience or engagement.

Bonus: FAQ About TikTok’s Promote Feature

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As a quick refresher on using the original Promote feature and its new functionalities, here are some common questions about Promote.

  • Will Promoting One Video Negatively Affect Other Videos?

    No, promoting one TikTok video does not negatively affect the organic views on non-promoted videos. In fact, it can even increase views on other videos if you create interesting content that encourages viewers to check out your other posts.

  • Will I Receive Authentic Likes and Followers from Promoted Videos?

    Yes. TikTok will show your promoted content to users who are most likely to be interested. This will lead to natural engagement, which can help you gain followers. You can then continue this engagement by creating great content.

  • Is It Expensive to Use Promote?

    Promote is very cost-effective, especially compared to other advertising methods. Promote lets you set your preferred budget and the length of the promotion, so you only spend what you want to. That being said, you can typically spend just $10 and get about 1,000 more organic views. If you also optimize your content, you can maximize the results from Promote.

  • What Content Should I Promote?

    When choosing what TikTok videos to promote, it’s best to choose ones that highlight your brand’s authenticity. This will encourage engagement and help viewers feel connected with your brand.


TikTok recently updated its already useful Promote feature. You can continue to use this feature to promote your organic TikTok videos. But now, you have additional targeting options, such as choosing an audience based on location. You can also now choose from additional goals, such as driving traffic to your TikTok profile and getting more messages.