Optimize Your Content to Get More Views on TikTok

Published on 20th of June 2023

TikTok happens to be an effective tool to improve brand awareness but first, you have to draw more attention to your videos. But how do you achieve this?

One thing you can do to receive more views is to optimize posts for the For You page.

When you want to become a sensation on TikTok, aim to be featured on the #FYP. This recommendation tab is TikTok's app homepage bombarded with an incessant feed of algorithmically sourced content made to fit users' interests.

The exciting part of the FYP is that any TikToker’s content can be featured, so you don't have to be a popular creator or have a large fanbase.

Nonetheless, it’s good if you organize your content in such a way that it’s easier for the algorithm to find and share.

You can achieve this by posting at the appropriate times, going for short and delicious videos, and using trending hashtags.

How TikTok's algorithm works and curates content

The video-sharing social network released last year, in a press release, how the For You feed is customized and calibrated to every account.

Earlier, users could only imagine the page as a curated feed that attracted videos connected to your location, profile, and similar videos you've liked and engaged with.

The way TikTok's "For You" recommendation system works is that if a TikToker watches a video from beginning to end, it strongly indicates he/she is interested in such content.

Posts are recommended by grading them on several factors. For instance, the mechanism can adjust for media you indicated to have no interest in as a new user.

Time spent watching a video is a greater indicator than if the video's creator and viewer both reside within the same country.

With such indicators of interest, “For You” content is now ranked according to the probability that a user will have an interest in that kind of content.

Factors that influence TikTok's algorithm

All businesses, brands, and creators on TikTok strongly desire to receive more views, comments, and likes on their posts.

Of course, the more people watch your videos, the better the chance to connect with your TikTok fan-following and increase your brand's reach.

The strategy to receive more engagement on your posts is making use of TikTok's algorithm to place your post on as many For You pages as you can, but seeing a spot on this page requires more than simply adding #fyp to your captions.

To assist with making the best content and receiving more attention through TikTok's recommendation feed, listed below are the top factors that affect TikTok's algorithm:

    • Video captions

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, this video-sharing app is not designed for sharing long pieces. The right caption for TikTok should feature relevant hashtags, while being short and related to the content you posted.

The platform is mobile-first, so making your content snappy and precise often gives greater results.

To generate more engaging captions, endeavor to ask questions, throw in a joke, or add something foreign to your copy using a clever technique. This method often works well, particularly for celebrities on the site.

In terms of increasing engagement, the chance to guide a conversation in your comment area helps a lot.

Top comments on your videos will get a major spot in the upper section of your comments, indicating that you can even start more conversations as users will see those comments while navigating TikTok.

    • Times your audience prefers to engage the most

people walking on street

Release content when your followers engage the most; this will get your content noticed. And fortunately, with TikTok's Pro accounts, you can view a few crucial fan analytics.

Though not as in-depth as Instagram's analytics, TikTok's analytics still works just fine. It provides a variety of vital information that assists in understanding the best time for you to share content.

Having foresight as to when your followers are most active is a remarkable place to start.

    • Hashtags

As stated earlier, the FYP (For You Page) is the place TikTokers plan to be, to become popular on the platform.

You'll probably find hashtags like #ForYouPage, #FYP, and #foryou on explosive TikTok content. However, according to TikTok's review of the algorithm, adding any of these hashtags doesn't mean a spot on the For You page is guaranteed.

It's a bit difficult to know the hashtag that will perform most effectively in organizing your content for the For You page. Upon clicking the Discover tab, you'll see trending hashtags and they can be typed out to view their performance.

If you want to use hashtags that are now very popular, pay attention to fire icons close to the hashtags and put those in your caption as long as they fit the content.

TikTok allows users to see the number of views every hashtag gains and even though such numbers may be scary, particularly if they're in the millions, they also show the kind of content preferred.

With hashtag insights, users see a roadmap to exploit. Examples like the newest #shoppingspree, #tellmewithouttellingme, and #bucketlist hashtags are all valued by TikTok.

Just be careful as using a hashtag simply because it's popular may appear like a brilliant idea. In reality, if the hashtag isn't related to what you have in your video, it can disrupt your efforts.

Always search for related hashtags that will aid users in finding your content and make TikTok's algorithm know what your message is.

    • Location

person holding silver iphone 6

TikTok's profile location is a factor still under investigation by some agencies and is for sure a factor in the kind of videos the social network sends to users' FYP.

TikTok's global team hasn't looked into this. We can't validate patterns on how they serve location-tailored content.

Therefore, there's so much potential for local businesses to see gains from being on TikTok, to truly improve brand awareness, particularly if they want to reach millennials and Gen Z.

Though the location is a tiny variable for TikTok's algorithm, there's no doubt that users are now engaging with and finding posts that were uploaded close to them.

TikTok's algorithm strategies

    • Post regularly

person taking photo of pants and shoes

A few users suggest that it's a bright idea to put everything and anything on your TikTok feed, saying quantity supersedes quality because the app is still gaining widespread use.

Others have stated that one to two posts daily is the best. While we agree with creating the choicest content you can, TikTok is a tool that helps you test new videos.

You should consistently post new content to build your account, and try to experiment with new types or styles of content.

We propose that you begin trying out new content, have faith in new formats, and endeavor to create a series of posts without caring a lot about the aesthetics.

    • Incorporate new features

TikTok is centered on engagement as we have stated earlier, so being a frequent tester of new tools coming out will play a role in gaining increased engagement on your videos.

An example is the recent voice-over feature enabling the next wave of vloggers and podcasters to get a space for their posts on TikTok.

Be on the lookout for the latest feature releases as you might want to use them to gain increased visibility.

To boost your views on TikTok, optimize your profile

Before getting concerned about views, optimize your TikTok profile. This process includes writing the best bio that defines your work as well as yourself and uploading the choicest profile picture.

Your profile pic can be edited with the aid of SnapSeed, Adobe Photoshop, PicsArt, or source a freelancer on Fiverr for $5-50.

Remember to insert your YouTube and Instagram links in your description. If you're not on YouTube yet, this is the best time to start!

These days, getting views on TikTok isn't easy; competition is increasing day by day. Still, our collection of tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques will help in optimizing your TikTok profile for greater exposure and engagement.