How These 17 Brands Dominate Most of TikTok

Published on 1st of November 2022

TikTok is a global platform with over a billion downloads in 150 countries, making it currently the most downloaded app worldwide. With 800 million active monthly users, there's never been a better time for your brand to be here.

TikTok provides a fun and interactive environment for brands to broaden their reach. You can share branded content or ask an influencer to help you generate TikTok content that suits your needs.

We’ve rounded up 17 brands that have been doing well on TikTok and still winning in early 2022.

Pacesetting brands on TikTok

Some brands started using TikTok early on, while others are recent adopters. These brands have carefully crafted themselves an online persona without having to spend a fortune on marketing.

They've increased their followers, driven traffic to their site, and shared high-quality product updates—and they achieved these by tapping into the power of TikTok marketing and advertising.

The following brands are all doing well on TikTok:

  1. NBA (@nba)

With ~200 million likes and 14+ million followers, NBA is one of the first well-known brands to leverage TikTok when it started. Unlike other sports associations, the NBA doesn't keep their feed casual. Their page is thriving because of the motivational and intriguing clips of amateurs and pros playing basketball on the court.

  1. UEFA (@championsleague)

TikTok entered a partnership with UEFA to sponsor the EURO 2020, which bolstered the love of football fans for the platform. This deal made headlines worldwide, with many new features being added to the social networking app. These included themed sounds, hashtags, and AR filters. The partnership also boosted UEFA's social followership—not just on TikTok but on the Internet generally.

  1. The Washington Post (@washingtonpost)

This newspaper mogul knows how to stay on top of its game. With close to a million active followers, their TikTok feed comprises educational and entertaining drawings to broadcast the latest happenings in the world.

Thanks to this rapid growth in their digital representation, the Washington Post has refused to be swept out of the news game by newer names. Dave Jorgenson, their social media guy, has witnessed increased popularity of his own.

  1. Gymshark (@gymshark)

Gymshark's following has surpassed two million with 38 million combined likes on its posts—mainly because the fitness brand knows how to handle its social presence. The page is filled with athletes performing seemingly impossible tasks, plus funny social media stickers and trivial workout challenges.

  1. Amazon (@amazon)

As the largest eCommerce brand today, Amazon has gleaned even more buyers from their activity on TikTok. Their impressive collection of content includes short product promotional items, video trends, and user reviews. Jason Nash (@jasonnash) made one of their best content, which showed that buyers can trust Amazon sellers with their quality and ingenuity.

  1. Target (@target)

red and white no smoking sign
@sergiopacks made one of the trendiest videos for Target. He's a worker who stuffed up his online purchase, and the video received lots of positive responses. Target stores target couples who love spending money on their significant other, which is exactly what their trending challenge was centered on. Their TikTok feed is quite amazing, with enthralling videos of customers' everyday activities prompting more patronage.

  1. Chipotle (@chipotle)

Chipotle's TikTok channel has 1.5 million followers, thanks to the #ChipotleRoyaltyContest hashtag challenge which saw the food brand awarding winners a cash prize of $10,000. The winners also have their orders sampled on their mobile app. This brand is one of the most preferred in the United States and its social media influence keeps growing.

  1. Mountain Dew (@mountaindew)

Mountain Dew has always been consistent with their TikTok postings, but 2021 was when they had a drastic upward swing. They signed an influencer marketing deal with legendary wrestler John Cena, appearing in a recent TV commercial for their melon-flavored drink (accumulating 20m+ views and 500k+ likes).

  1. Magdas Hotel (@magdashotel)

Vienna is home to Magdas Hotel, a beautiful spot for excellent hospitality. The hotel's social media channels are buzzing, with the TikTok feed featuring a series of entertaining, follower-friendly videos since the lockdown started. One was viewed over two million times, so you know their reputation of employing refugees won't fade away anytime soon.

  1. NBC Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl)

This NBC night show has garnered a total amount of 29 million likes and two million followers. Its channel’s posts focus on show guests, all-time favorite moments, and followers' requests. What's surprising is that they're fresh on the TikTok platform.

  1. Guess (@guess)

woman in white blue and red tank top
Currently one of the top-selling fashion firms in the world, Guess' aesthetics and qualities shine through in their TikTok feed. They dish out relevant content and relatable campaigns aimed at their target audience. 

In 2020, their thing was showing followers different ways to spend their time having fun. They won the younger demographic over with model videos showcasing their apparel and accessories.

  1.  Charlie’s Angels (@charliesangelsmovie)

Technically, this isn't a brand. It's a movie, but what compelled most people was the soundtrack "Don't Call Me Angel." The production team set up an influencer marketing campaign with this popular sound to make it even more popular. 

They employed 15 social media content creators to speak the word, with the #CharliesAngelsUnite accumulating an astounding 4.2 billion views—and 130 thousand TikTokers using the movie soundtrack in their clips.

  1.  Netflix (@netflix)

Presumably, you're no stranger to Netflix. We all use it to stream movies and TV shows—it's the most-watched, liked, and subscribed-to service out there. Its TikTok channel uploads cheerful, humorous videos to convey a specific style and brand persona.

Social media stickers are also leveraged to increase their virality, all taken from their full-length content of diverse genres. Brief clips also come from these fully licensed movies and shows.

  1. Sephora (@sephora)

Sephora building
Sephora, like Netflix, is well known in its field and on TikTok. When it comes to cosmetics and beauty brands, its unbeaten reputation holds true on its top-charting website and social media pages. Its feed mostly comprises high-quality makeup clips, implementing influence marketers without compromising quality and consistency.

Sephora uploads videos zooming in for a close-up look of the makeup's texture. The brand has a place in the audience’s hearts, thanks to several successful challenges and unbeatable prices. A challenge that stands out is the one in which participants had to match their clothing and cologne and convey the blend's mood in a short video.

  1.  Crocs (@crocs)

We widely know Crocs to be used by the younger generation. Remember: TikTok users, specifically in the United States, constitute 60% of the population. Crocs are recognized for their eccentric but amusing pins attached to their shoes. 

The brand found its way to the hearts of its audience using cute emoji that resonates with the youngsters. As a way of carrying everyone along, Cros usually announces special donations and initiatives it undertakes so people can join in too.

Crocs buyers are mostly youths, so it's a no-brainer the brand thrives on TikTok. Sales are soaring in the United States, all encouraged by their unique footwear design and attracting 60% of the population.

Cute emojis brought much popularity, as well as Crocs’ strong communication skills. Its feed features special donations and interesting initiatives the brand has embarked on. This is to carry everyone along so people can join in, too.

  1. Liverpool FC (@liverpoolfc)

TikTok is working wonders for this football brand. Its quick clips of players’ training, transfer updates, and club news keep fans glued to the channel's feed. Players also take part in trends and challenges, whether or not sports-related. The idea is to preach the spirit of fun and belonging to their audience, helping the team stay relevant to their fans.

  1.  San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo)

San Diego Zoo is another brand that has seen some desirable success on TikTok. The zoo creates TikTok accounts for animals and has its staff record videos of these creatures, tuned to some interesting sound. The videos are catchy and fun, and online viewers can't get enough of them. The zoo has achieved more popularity since then.

Key takeaways

In 2022, businesses without an active social media presence are at risk of losing paying and potential customers.

TikTok is the perfect tool for corporate and personal brands to reach new audiences—no wonder there are lots of known names leveraging the white-hot platform.

For one, you can use it in any style, from funny memes to formal project updates—you just have to find the right audience and entertain them with the right content!

You, too, can dominate like those 17 TikTok-famous brands. All you need is a solid plan.