How to Find Your Niche on TikTok

How to Find Your Niche on TikTok

Published on 7th of November 2023

Before you can start creating and posting content on TikTok, you need to have a clear idea of your audience. Many people refer to this as finding your niche or the small area on TikTok where your audience lives. Your niche may be fitness, beauty, DIY, or something else.

But how do you find your niche and, therefore, your audience?

Why Find Your Niche?

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You may be wondering if you even need to spend time trying to find your niche on TikTok. Can’t you just create content and hope for the best? No, it simply isn’t effective. The same principle applies to TikTok as with other types of marketing – the further you can personalize or narrow down your audience, the more effective results you will get. Think of it as the same idea as segmenting your email list or choosing a targeted audience for paid ads.

TikTok Niches Are More Specific

Even if you already use targeted marketing on other channels, you likely aren’t using something as specific as a TikTok niche. That is because niches on this social media platform tend to be incredibly specific. Instead of fashion being a niche, it’s a larger category with topics like sustainable fashion or capsule wardrobes as niches.

This means that you will have to carefully consider your audience and their priorities. Instead of just creating general content for your industry, you need it to be as specific as possible.

Think About Your Brand’s Target Audience in General

The first step to finding your niche on Tiktok is thinking about your target audience outside of the platform. You should already know the basic demographics of your audience, such as age, location, hobbies, and careers. Now it’s time to go beyond that information.

Focus on Interests

While knowing basic demographic information is important, it is much more important to discover your target audience’s interests. This will help you appeal to those interests in your content. If you are struggling to think about how to connect their interests to your brand, think about how you can solve their pain points.

Ask Your Followers About Preferences

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As you work to understand your target audience, one of your goals is to figure out the type of content they prefer. Luckily, there’s an easy way to figure this out – ask them. If you are just starting your TikTok strategy, ask your followers on Instagram or Facebook. It can be as simple as making a poll or making a post and asking them to leave a comment.

Use TikTok Analytics

Assuming you have a business account on TikTok, you should be taking full advantage of the platform’s analytics. When you look at your analytics, you will notice tabs for Live, Followers, Content, and Overview. The Followers tab is the most useful when it comes to finding your niche.

This tab will show you information about your current audience, including gender, location, and interests. You will even see what days and times your audience tends to be the most active. You can then use this information to post at the right times.

After exploring the Followers tab, go to the Content tab. Look at the analytics there to see which of your videos are the most popular. Then, see if you can see a pattern as to what type of content is the most popular. Maybe it follows a certain trend or format.

Research Hashtags

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A hashtag search is one of the most effective methods of finding people with a shared interest or passion. Start by entering the hashtags you think your audience may be interested in into the search bar. Then, look at the content that comes up to get an idea of what they want to see on TikTok.

Research Competitors

As with any other marketing strategy, you can also look at competitors to help you find your niche. See what type of content they are posting and the engagement levels they get with this content. Then, use the information for creating your own content strategy.

Consider Starting Broad and Then Narrowing Down Your Niche

If you aren’t sure exactly what your niche on TikTok is, consider starting off with several categories. This will let you see which one delivers the best results, so you can focus your efforts on that particular category. Eventually, you will narrow your TikTok strategy down enough to be a niche.

How to Use Your Niche Once You Find It

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Once you find your niche, what do you do to make the most of it?

  • Know How TikTok Content Differs from Other Platforms

    If you are already on TikTok, then you hopefully understand how it is different from other social media platforms. Overall, TikTok tends to be more relatable and realistic. You want to create down-to-earth content, not polished content. It should give a more personal look at the people behind your brand and not just be marketing.

  • Don’t Make Ads

    As part of the relatable nature of TikTok, try to make interesting content instead of ads. You can occasionally make a post that is more of an advertisement but try to keep these videos few and far between. Your TikTok marketing will lead to better results if you create natural content, as it will build a relationship with your audience.

  • Work with Smaller Influencers

    Once you identify your niche on TikTok, consider working with some of the smaller influencers within the platform. The smaller influencers tend to have better relationships and engagement with their audiences. This is a natural result of the audience itself being smaller. As a bonus, smaller influencers are also more affordable to work with, which is great news for smaller businesses and brands.


Just like any other platform, you want to focus your TikTok marketing efforts on your specific niche. This will let you better personalize your content to meet the interests of your audience, delivering improved results.

If you aren’t sure what your niche is on TikTok, consider looking at competitors or doing hashtag research. You can also start with a broader niche and narrow it down once you have enough data to do so.

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