How to Schedule Your Posts On TikTok

Published on 9th of May 2023

Today, we live in an era where the influence of social media is overly evident, having been firmly woven into the very fabrics that our society is made of.

Daily, the influence grows, and consequently, individuals with sufficient digital popularity have been able to monetize this attention, leading to wealth and fame in some cases. 

To achieve popularity, users must have a working strategy that stands them apart from the many other content creators online. 

On TikTok, just like every other social networking or video sharing platform, popularity and followership depend on the ability of content creators to consistently come up with new and interesting content, while publishing them at the right time. 

Daily schedules of content creators can, however, prevent them from consistently making uploads as when due; hence, the need to carefully digest this article. Here we go:

What does it mean to schedule a post on TikTok?

Scheduling a post simply refers to the process of timing it to appear at a later time. This can be done for a plethora of reasons, some of which are discussed in this writeup.

Why do content creators schedule posts? 

You’re sometimes full of inspiration to create, and at other times, go through a period of content drought. 

Like bank savings, scheduling posts at the time of high inspiration will ensure that you keep posting content even in a time of drought. 

Furthermore, the majority of content creators on TikTok, as well as many other platforms, do so on a part-time basis.

The implication is that they mostly have “day jobs” that keep them preoccupied; hence, the need to schedule posts to guarantee timely uploads that time may otherwise not permit. 

Another major reason for scheduling posts is that it provides for maximum impact when such posts are directed at a target audience during their most active hours. 

Time difference and off-peak hours, amongst other factors, must be considered in any sane social media strategy.

Can I schedule posts directly on the TikTok app or website? 

Fortunately, the answer at the time of this write-up is in the affirmative. TikTok now concedes to the scheduling of posts. This service is, however, only accessible to business and creator accounts. 

There are other methods, such as third-party applications and websites, that content creators can easily use to schedule posts. Kindly note, though: most of these sites are paid. 

What are some ‌channels to schedule your TikTok posts?

  1. Using the TikTok app

Due to a need to address demands by users, the team recently introduced a feature that enables users to schedule videos but it’s restricted to business and creator accounts.

You can easily access a business or creator account by logging into your TikTok account, clicking on Settings, and then tapping on the Account interface.

What to do next?

After changing to either of the two account types, click on the Cloud section at the top of your browser. This will lead to an upload page.

On this page, you’ll upload your videos, as well as choose your preferred privacy settings and title of the videos, amongst others. 

Upon conclusion of the upload details, you can ‌then select the preferred date and time you wish the video to be published, then click on Schedule.

Scheduled posts will be published automatically as soon as it’s their time. You’ll also be notified as soon as the post is published. 

Also, worthy of note is the fact that scheduled posts cannot be edited. You can, however, delete and redo scheduled posts.

  1. Phone reminders and calendars 

person holding phone
This appears easy, right? As obvious as this option might seem, ‌many content creators don’t avert their minds to this basic yet highly effective way of scheduling posts. 

Every TikToker has a smartphone, and all of these devices are equipped with essential apps like alarms, reminders, and calendars. 

Content creators can maximize these features to ensure that reminders are set to enable them to upload already prepared content as when due.

Later in today’s writeup, we will discuss the factors that would determine the right time to post.

  1. Using Later is quite simple to use as a scheduler.

How to use it? 

Simply log into the website or download the Later app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

After accessing the app/site, you can select the video(s) you intend to schedule or drag them to the Later website. The features also enable you to add captions to the video.

You’ll input the expected time for publication and as soon as the period approaches, you’ll receive a notification to that effect, so all you need to do is make your post. 

Factors to consider when scheduling posts on TikTok

  • Target audience

While uploading a scheduled video, it’s important to take note of the target audience to ensure maximum impact at the time it’ll be published.

Depending on the nature of your video, regular viewers might be available to watch only within a particular timeframe.

The categories of viewers might include students and individuals from a precise sector. It’s important to understand the peculiarities of your viewing audience while scheduling.

  • Time zone

Some content creators on TikTok have a lot of dedicated viewers who don’t necessarily live in their time zones. Circumstances such as this make it very necessary that you consider relevant time zones when scheduling posts. 

This is to ensure that at the time of releasing posts targeted at such an audience, there are enough individuals from the said time zones to consume them.

  • Work schedules

As stated earlier in this writeup, most content creators don’t create content as their full-time work - they have other tasks to attend to.

The pressure that comes with running different jobs at the same time makes it very difficult to stick to a consistent timing as it relates to posts, hence the need to maximize scheduling posts.

As a busy individual, be sure to take advantage of breaks and other free periods to schedule posts to keep up with the demands of your viewers for new content.


In video-sharing communities, there’s a consistent need to churn out new content irrespective of whether these contents are readily available.

Failing to keep up with these demands, your viewers will invariably search for an alternative, amongst other numerous business-hurting aftermaths.

All in all, keeping viewers hooked to your videos is key to long-term success on TikTok. 

This write-up has explained and detailed how despite other commitments, you can take advantage of scheduling to meet expectations and keep growing your visitors and fans rapidly.

Thank you for reading!