How to Promote Your Business to a Gen Z Audience on TikTok

How to Promote Your Business to a Gen Z Audience on TikTok

Published on 9th of February 2024

Gen Z will go down in history books for changing the social media game. Businesses promoting their products to a Gen Z audience know that this generation prefers visuals above all else, especially videos. The Gen Z audience will often choose to engage with entertaining content over chatting with friends. This generation is also more in touch with their own well-being and won’t hesitate to leave social media behind if only for a while, to focus on other things.

However, Gen Z users are also far more likely to convert on social media compared to other audiences, including Millennials.

Is it challenging to promote a business to a Gen Z audience on TikTok? Not if you follow these steps:

Know Your Audience

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It’s not enough to simply know that Gen Z is the younger generation and won’t have the same online preferences as Millennials. To connect with this generation on TikTok, you must deeply understand their interests, preferences, and values.

Gen Z is known for its social consciousness and commitment to causes they strongly believe in. You should conduct thorough research to identify and highlight the topics and issues that matter most to them and align your brand’s message accordingly. If you can achieve this, you will forge a stronger bond with this demographic.

For example, if you sell clothes, you could create content that focuses on the environmental impact of fast fashion and the benefits of choosing eco-friendly clothing. This approach will appeal to Gen Z’s interest in sustainability and establish your brand as socially responsible.

Embrace Authenticity

Conventional methods of advertising and promoting your business won’t fly with the Gen Z audience. They remain skeptical of traditional promotional tactics and prefer relatable content. If your brand embraces authenticity, you can build a trusted and credible relationship with the Gen Z audience on TikTok.

For instance, if you own a bakery, you could create a TikTok video series introducing a new baker or confectioner each week. You can use these videos to offer a glimpse into your employees’ personalities and their passion for what they do.

Participate in Viral Challenges

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Viral challenges remain one of the fastest ways to win over a Gen-Z audience on TikTok. Doing a challenge is a fantastic way to connect with a broader audience. You can encourage your followers to recreate an action or dance using a specific song or sound.

If your business sells fitness products, you could set up a fitness-related challenge where your followers can show creative ways to use your products in their workout sessions. Doing this will promote your brand and encourage more user-generated content for your TikTok profile.

Challenges also work well in the toy industry. For example, a toy manufacturer can create stop-motion animations or games using their toys in a popular visual trend. Adding a creative twist to the trend allows the brand to uniquely showcase its products.

Don’t Drag Things Out

Attention spans aren’t what they used to be, especially not those of the Gen Z TikTok audience. To capture attention with your content, you should aim for 30-second videos that deliver an entire message.

Start your videos with an unforgettable image or intriguing question to hook viewers from the beginning. You can also create product demonstrations with a touch of humor or surprise to captivate your audience. A fun way of doing this is showing people’s reactions when they open and use your products for the first time.

Bring In the Influencers

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There’s no denying that TikTok influencers play a significant role in shaping Gen Z’s opinion of brands and products. Collaborating with popular and credible influencers in your industry can help you land a dedicated fan base and provide you with authentic product endorsements.

This strategy works well in the beauty and skincare industry. If you own a beauty brand, you could partner with an influencer who has an existing loyal following. The influencer can review and demonstrate your products, showing their audience how the products can promote self-care.

Make All Your Content Shareable

Make the most of your TikTok marketing efforts by creating highly shareable content. Shareability is vital for reaching and connecting with an audience organically. Food service companies create this type of content every day and find great success doing so. They compile humorous videos featuring encounters between employees and customers to the delight of their Gen Z audiences.

Prioritize Diversity and Inclusivity

The Gen Z audience values and demands diversity and inclusivity in the content they consume on TikTok. They expect brands to do the same. It is essential that you consider this when crafting your TikTok content. Your videos should embrace and respect different cultures and identities.

For example, if you promote clothing, you should feature models of different sizes to establish that your clothes don’t only fit people with a specific body type. This approach celebrates inclusivity and helps spread the concept of body positivity, which often goes ignored.

Engage Daily

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Even if you’re not in the same age group as your Gen Z audience, you must make it a point to engage with your followers regularly. TikTok is a social platform, and conversing with your audience is crucial for building a loyal community.

Communication works very well with interactive brands like gaming companies. If you have a gaming brand, you could host a live Q&A session to address questions and suggestions about upcoming game releases.

If you build your online games, you could use live TikTok sessions to introduce new games and even host a game night with prizes for people who get through the levels the fastest.


Promoting your brand to a Gen Z audience doesn’t have to be stressful. By combining these strategies and using a blend of creativity and authenticity, you will get to know your followers well and be able to tailor your content to their preferences.

Stay true to your brand values on TikTok and watch as your business thrives in a Gen Z landscape.

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