How to Find Highly-Engaging Social Media Topics Likely to be Shared

Published on 13th of December 2022

Opening a social media account for your business is a rather different affair from managing a personal profile. It’s about the marketing of your company and its image to create brand awareness, promote products, and generate sales.

For this article, we'll go over how to make your posts engaging and make your account trendy.

Look for trending topics

The best way to tell if your company is growing is to check any increase in your content engagements. If the participation in your online posts is high, expect more customers and more revenue in the future.

Posting more often on your social media is one way to attract more people to see and interact with your posts. You also have a better chance of getting picked up by the algorithms - they favor consistent accounts.

Still, you might find it hard to drive enough engagements, typically because your posts don't contain topics that get attention online. The idea is to make sure your posts include info on what's trending; this is one of eight ways to grow your TikTok following.

Facebook and Instagram cover more than just social conversations. They're also a place for community outreach and sharing global news updates, which can help your audience to stay informed and engaged. Relevant and trending topics can influence more engagement on your page and encourage viewers to share your posts.

A lot of people are always interested in what's happening in their country when it goes through a significant milestone. If you post about it on your outlet, you'll get tons of engagements.

Imagine your country is celebrating its independence and you tell the story of what it's been through. Your post is likely to get more engagements on that day than any other.

Refrain from excessive formality

It can be tough being a business on social media, and one of the trickiest things about it is formality. You have to stay professional but a lot of channels are stale and stifling because of the amount of formality they display.

Being too formal does not translate well online, as people connect better with you when you mix formality with informality and talk to them casually. Online shoppers are used to the personal touch and may even appreciate brands they can relate to, so excessive formality has become a hindrance to digital marketing success.

A good strategy with your brand page is to have a mixture of professional and informal posts. Remember this when looking for topics to post about - it encourages engagement and is a good way to keep people's attention.

Master the art of storytelling

Quick reasoning would suggest that a good story is one of the most invaluable elements of humanity—and the multitude of film watchers prove that point!

Great stories usually generate more listener engagement and are often shared across societies, including social networks. Your brand will resonate clearer by telling your story (the conceptualization and development of your brand, for example).

Engaging and connecting with the audience on this level is great because consumers will be more familiar with your brand.

Keep in mind that admitting to your struggles or hurdles can benefit your brand and boost sales. Don’t shy away from telling what your business has been through, as this will gain attention and provide people with the inspiration they need.

To succeed online, brands need to find acceptance on social media. Getting your genuine stories out there is a sound practice to reach these audiences because people love narratives.

Masterful storytelling is great for entering into the minds of your potential or existing customers and getting their participation. A great narrative puts them in the position of the protagonist and makes them feel invested in the events that are happening.

When you employ this technique, your fans will be more likely to find and engage with your content. Plus, they'll share it more often! Try a story today for a boost in engagements and shares.

Research on consumer interests

To understand what your audience will like and engage with, you need to know their passions and what they're interested in. This will allow you to create more engaging posts that they will find relevant or important.

Research is the cornerstone of knowledge. You need to know what your audience wants or you can't create good content for them.

Some conversations are more engaging because both parties are interested in the subject, so you need to consider their personality as well.

If you want to get more followers on your account, the best way is to share content that's popular with your audience. COVID-19 had a lot of engagements in 2020 because the subject was still the number one interest of every human being.

Posting about hot topics and relevant events happening in your environment or industry will help you draw attention and get more engagements on social media. For example, the last Apple iPhone launch was a social trend and some brands took advantage of it.

Using interesting hashtags and sharing current events may not be related to your branding, but it may bring in a lot of engagements and shares. It's a technique for drawing people's attention to one of your posts, hoping the traction spirals into constant, high-converting traffic.

Leverage communities

Reddit is always a great place to find trending topics, especially because of the online communities it hosts. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Quora allow users to come together and share their thoughts on what's happening in their environment.

Joining an online community is a good way to keep up to date with what's going on and know about trending topics in your industry, niche, region, or interests. Being in a community offers you the opportunity to meet with other people in the space and get news about what's happening.

You may be meeting people you would never have met otherwise and should take this opportunity to broaden your horizons. The spaces become more familiar to you, and the likes and shares you get from these communities will also help with self-promotion.

Even though most trends start from communities, they usually spread to other channels. In these communities, you'll find information about what's popular online before it goes mainstream.

Just remember: without trends, you can't get the desired level of engagement on your social media page.

Despite the varied interests and tastes of today's society, there is one thing that most people like: trends. For people to share your content, it has to be what's trending - what many people are attracted to and share on their timeline or status. Yes, you'll get more reactions if it's something they can't avoid hearing about.

You can't post ordinary content and expect it to get a lot of attention. You need to start sharing relevant topics to increase engagement on your channel.

Share society happenings

Avoid posting too often about your products or services. It gets boring and can seem like a current stream of advertisements, causing people to lose interest in your company.

Use events, occasions, and tournaments like sporting events or current affairs to compile content quickly and get engagements on your channel. You can also use themed debates to attract followers who are interested in the topic.

Develop content that gets your followers talking and they may end up sharing it themselves. When you post about any social happening that's interesting, it helps you reach more potential customers.

Sharing society happenings is a brilliant way to stay more in the know. Posting these updates will get you more followers as the public gets involved.

Final thoughts

Knowing what's popular is very important for engaging with your audience on social media. Trending topics are very vital for increased engagements. Researching what people seem to be talking about will help you to create more original content and grow your company.

By utilizing the information mentioned in this article, you'll be able to boost your social media presence and attract more followers. This will help bring in high levels of customer patronage, which is the ultimate aim for all business marketing.