How To Create 1-Minute Recipe Videos On TikTok

How To Create 1-Minute Recipe Videos On TikTok

Published on 29th of May 2024

Cute animals and dance videos are hugely popular on TikTok, as are lip-synching and calming ASMR content. But, if you have no interest in these topics, you’ll be glad to know you can create videos on just about anything and find a receptive audience.

For example, if you’re into food, you could film 1-minute recipe videos to inspire your followers. And if you think cramming a recipe into 60 seconds is impossible, the following steps will prove you wrong:

1. Choose a Simple Recipe

Before you can start cooking up bite-sized videos for your TikTok audience, you must decide which recipes to use. Since you’re trying to pack at least half an hour’s activity into a brief reel, you’ll want to stick to simple instructional recipes. You could also start with minimal-ingredient recipes until you get the hang of it.

These videos can include anything from breakfast to dessert as long as all the instructions fit within the one-minute limit.

2. Don’t Skip the Planning Step

You probably won't create a perfect video on your first try or even your tenth try. That is why it is crucial to plan every part of your recipe video before mixing and whisking. Write down the sequence of steps in short, easy-to-remember sentences. Place the bowls and utensils on a table and label them accordingly.

When you’re comfortable with all the steps, you should cook the meal or dessert as per the instructions. Go through each step as you would without recording it for TikTok. Do this a few times until you’re ready to record. Also, don’t be tempted to grab a picture from the Internet to prove you made the food. If you want your 1-minute recipe videos to be a success, you have to prove that you can actually follow the recipes and produce an edible result.

3. Set Up a Workstation

Before you capture your hard work on camera, set up a functional workstation in your kitchen. Remove all identifiable objects from the space before you point a camera at it. Even if your face appears on the video, there shouldn’t be items visible that may show exactly where you live.

Then, set up the lighting you want to use. Natural light often works well, but you can also invest in soft lighting. Position your camera at a stable angle to capture your workspace while making the most of the light.

4. Use TikTok’s Features

You can make your videos fun with TikTok’s range of features. For example, you could use a slideshow to present each step of the recipe. You can also add captions to make your video easier to understand.

Or you could use the green screen effect to add a fun element to the background. Imagine yourself as an Italian chef cooking pasta at a fancy hotel. Or picture creating desserts for people throwing a party in Vegas. You can insert any of these images using the green screen and pretend you're cooking exotic dishes in a grand location. Just make sure you don’t get carried away or the effects will end up distracting from your video content.

5. Avoid Silence

Silent or muted videos don’t usually attract followers (unless they’re designed that way for a reason). At the least, you should have a script on screen using text overlays or subtitles as you present the recipe.

The best way to create a successful recipe video is to narrate as you go along. Tell the audience when to add which ingredients. Advise them on how long to whisk, stir, and simmer. Guide them on the best cooking times. If you simply add rolling images without context, you’ll find it hard to keep your followers interested.

6. Make it Look Pretty

TikTok is no less a visual platform than Instagram, so you must make your dishes look like something people would order at an eatery.

Nobody wants to watch a recipe video where the result looks like a mess on a plate. Throughout the video, you must focus on making things look visually appealing, from adding layers and sauces to arranging the garnish.

7. Learn to Make the Right Edits

To create a natural-looking recipe video, you’ll have to get the whole process on camera. This includes putting out filled ingredient bowls, getting the oven or stove ready, placing ingredients in pots and pans, and presenting the finished product. This will take at least an hour. To condense this process into a fleeting 60 seconds, the scenes must move faster than usual. Use jump cuts to move swiftly between each step without losing continuity.

When you review your videos, double-check that you haven’t missed any steps. You'll confuse your followers if they get to 30 seconds only to find you failed to show all the ingredients needed. When the recipe steps flow well, it will also make the process seem seamless.

8. Use Music

If you’re not confident providing a narrated overview of your video, you can use music to accompany text overlays. TikTok has a vast library of music and sounds to help set the right mood for your recipes. You can choose between soothing tracks or something upbeat and peppy. Experiment with different songs until you find one that elevates your video.

9. Engage with Your Audience

Recipe videos tend to get a lot of engagement. You may find people asking questions about ingredients and substitutes. You may even get requests for more videos.

Don’t shy away from interacting with your audience. Reply to comments, and take the suggestions offered gracefully. You can also throw some questions out there by asking your followers if there is something specific that they would like you to create.

10. Don’t Give Up

If your first video is not a roaring success, don’t let that discourage you from trying again. Learn from the feedback and consistently post more recipe videos. Over time, you’ll find your own rhythm and style, which will connect with a select audience.

You can also learn from others who create the same type of videos. Take some tips from those who have mastered the art of recipe videos without stealing any of their ideas.


With just the right blend of planning, creativity, and engagement, you too can create viral 1-minute recipe videos on TikTok. And, in time, you will build a loyal following who can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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