How To Create Hilarious TikTok Videos

How To Create Hilarious TikTok Videos

Published on 21st of May 2024

There is no question about it. Funny videos are hugely popular on TikTok. Sure, users love challenges, trends, dancing, and lip-syncing, but often, these videos have an element of humor in them. Something that’s become very popular as of late is hilarious dialogue reenactments. Watch the latest TikTok Twilight parodies to see what we mean.

Whether you have hundreds of TikTok videos on your profile or have never created even one, there are endless opportunities to get started on your own funny videos. In this article, we’ll explore how to produce side-splitting TikTok videos guaranteed to have your viewers rolling on the floor.

Unleash Your Unique Creativity

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Everyone is funny in their own way. Whether your way is slapstick or deadpan, you’ll find an audience who appreciates it. Combine your sense of humor with your unique creativity to create hilarious TikTok videos. Before you take a single shot, let your imagination run wild. Find the funny in everyday situations or create absurd scenarios. Watching old sitcoms or comedies can actually help inspire ideas.

You can also take a concept and turn it on its head. Remember Nailed It? You can do something similar on TikTok. For instance, see how badly you can reproduce an iconic painting. Doing this might inspire your followers to show you their terrible attempts. If you aim to post at least once a day, write down a list of ideas and work through them each week.

Use Timing and Music Together

Timing and music matter when creating humorous content. When you have the funny visuals down, you must time the humor with the right music. You can use songs, audio clips, and sound effects. Sometimes, a video is hilarious enough on its own without using music. Remember “Can I Pet That Dawg?”

But if you think your video could do with some music, don’t hesitate to experiment with different sounds. You can also create your own audio to set the comedic tone.

No one ever said you had to be perfect at doing challenges on TikTok. In fact, that is what makes many challenge videos so funny – how spectacularly people fail at them. If you want people to fall out of their chairs laughing, pick a challenge you know you'll be really bad at. For example, if you have zero rhythm or two left feet, you should definitely try doing the Baltimore Strut Challenge.

You should also follow popular trends when making funny videos. If reenacting scenes from Twilight or Lord of the Rings is not your thing, you can do the “Andy’s coming” challenge or film a friend as they press on your TV screen, thinking it’s a touch screen.

Find Funny Collaborators

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If you struggle to get the humor right the first couple of times you try, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Find a collaborator or influencer known for making people laugh. With your lack of humor and their abundance of it, you may just come up with a viral video or two.

The essential thing to remember is that you need to work with people you can get along with. Find TikTokers whose content complements yours and get to work on challenges, duets, stitches, and skits.

Implement Props and Visual Gags

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Whose Line Is It Anyway is one of the best impromptu shows that uses props and gags. If you do it right, you can create incredibly funny visuals on TikTok with a simple prop. You can use Halloween props (or pranks) to scare your audience and then make them laugh out loud. (Remember the one with The Nun sitting on the headboard?)

Engage With Your Audience

If you get no response on your videos, you’re likely not inviting comments or encouraging conversation. Your audience wants to feel like they’re in on the joke, so sprinkle some text in your videos that prompt action from your followers.

For instance, if you’re making a spooky joke, you can add question marks or ask, “What is behind the curtain??” You can also make two or three-part videos to give your followers the chance to guess the outcome.

While you’re at it, remember that you need to rein in your humor at the 60-second mark. People don’t have long attention spans, so your punchlines must never fall outside that valuable minute.

Learn How to Edit

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Even though you’re making funny videos, you don’t want them to be low-quality. TikTok offers a library of editing tools to help you make eye-catching, floor-rolling videos. You can add funny effects, text, and filters to your videos. Learning how to use these features properly can make your videos funnier and increase the impact on your followers.

Be Inspired By Others

What type of funny videos do you enjoy watching? Animals running amok while their owners are at work? People falling over unexpectedly? Proposals gone wrong? Do you enjoy skits or pranks? If you make the kind of videos you would watch, you will find an appreciative audience in no time.

If you can't find ideas for your videos, find inspiration in other creators’ videos. If you study their earlier videos and follow their journey to their most recent content, you’ll discover how they tailored their content to entertain their followers. You can also follow creators who share tips and tricks for creating hilarious videos.

At the same time, watch out for viral videos and find the elements that make them funny. You can put your own twist on these elements to incorporate them into your content.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

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Making funny TikToks should be fun and not stressful. Don’t be too intense about making the perfect video. Make fun of your mistakes and aim some of the humor at yourself. Online audiences appreciate authentic content creations who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The Bottom Line: Practice Makes Perfect

Creating comical or witty TikTok videos is a great way to connect with an online audience. It is also a skill that improves with ongoing practice. The more you experiment with your content, the easier you’ll see what works. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt bombs. Instead, use it as a learning experience and a launching pad for bigger and better videos.

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