10 TikTok Metrics You Should Be Tracking

10 TikTok Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Published on 9th of January 2024

There’s no denying that TikTok is a fun social media platform. You can use it to show off your latest dance moves or make funny videos. You can also promote just about any business under the sun. Every category on TikTok has a committed following, which your brand can benefit from.

However, when it comes to marketing your brand, it is not all fun and games. If you don't have a solid strategy, you may not find ongoing success on the platform. And if you're not tracking certain metrics to refine that strategy, you may find it difficult to keep your audience interested in what you have to say.

Keep reading to discover why you should track metrics on your TikTok profile and which ones are the most important.

What Are TikTok Metrics?

Metrics in social media refer to the data used to assess the impact of engagement on a marketing campaign. This data also establishes the effect of the same engagement on profit.

It is essential to track social media metrics to assess whether you are achieving your marketing goals. You can also use the feedback provided to optimize your campaigns.

10. Views and Impressions

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The first set of metrics you should track in any TikTok campaign is views and impressions. This data will help you determine how far your content reaches on TikTok. Views indicate how many times users watched a single video, while impressions indicate the number of times your content showed up on screens. Monitoring these metrics will help you establish how effectively your campaign captures your audience's attention.

9. Engagement Rate

The engagement metric measures the level of interaction your videos receive. If your videos regularly go viral, the data will show here. It includes likes, comments, shares, and clicks on each content piece.

The feedback gained from this metric is exceptionally crucial in building your next campaign. A higher engagement rate shows that your content is interesting enough for your audience to take the time to comment on. A low engagement rate on specific videos indicates that your audience may be interested only in certain topics.

Use this data to create more content that resonates with your followers so you can expand your brand’s reach on TikTok.

8. Follower Growth

Tracking the growth of your following on TikTok will give you deeper insight into how appealing your content is. If you notice a steady rise in followers, your marketing strategy likely works. However, if the data shows a steep decline in followers, that indicates that something has gone wrong, which you can use as an opportunity to ask your followers for feedback on your content.

When you study the follower growth metric, you may notice sudden spikes here and there. You may attribute this to viral videos or an extraordinarily successful campaign.

7. Average Watch Time

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It is essential to know how long viewers spend watching your videos. A longer-than-average watch time suggests your videos attract and keep your followers' attention. If the watch time is short, you should work on creating more compelling videos to keep your followers watching to the end.

Achieving consistently long watch times will help get you on TikTok’s algorithm-driven For You page.

6. Video Completion Rate

The video completion rate metric goes hand-in-hand with average watch times. It shows you how many viewers watch your videos right through to the CTA (call to action) at the end. If the data reflects that TikTok users hardly ever get to the end of your videos and there is little to no follow-through on the CTA, it is time to rethink your strategy.

5. Click-Through Rate

You can also track the effectiveness of your CTAs by observing the click-through rate metric. TikTok calculates this data by dividing the number of clicks your CTA receives by the number of views your video gets. Keep an eye on this metric to optimize your CTAs for maximum engagement.

4. Audience Demographics

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If you’re trying to market to a specified age group or location, the audience demographic metric will give you valuable information to work with. TikTok offers data insights into your current audience demographics, such as age, location, gender, and interests. You can use this to refine your marketing strategy and ensure it reaches the right audience.

3. Hashtag Performance

Hashtags double as keywords on TikTok. Many use TikTok as a search engine and hashtags as their search criteria. This is because hashtags make TikTok content highly discoverable, so users find what they’re looking for faster. You should be tracking the performance of your chosen hashtags to see if they work. If you notice that one or more hashtags don’t work well, replace them with newer or trending hashtags.

Regularly switching up your hashtags will help drive your brand’s visibility on TikTok.

2. Playback Locations and Traffic Sources

TikTok metrics can also give insight into where people watch your videos and how they find your content. These analytics help you identify the platforms that drive traffic to your TikTok profile. It can also help you find cross-promotion channels for your marketing strategy.

1. Shares and Saves

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When people share or save your content, they find it valuable enough to watch again, prompting them to share it with others. The sharing and saving metric data will show you how many of your followers save your content and how many share it. The more people save and share your content, the better the chances of your videos going viral. This will have a massive impact on the popularity and visibility of your profile.

Also, when people constantly save your videos, you know your hard work has paid off, and viewers see value in your content.

Start Tracking Your TikTok Metrics Today

Tracking the various components of TikTok metrics is a must if you want your marketing strategies to stay successful. Regularly tracking and analyzing your TikTok campaign metrics allows you to refine your content to your audience’s tastes and expand your reach on the platform.

Each metric tells a different part of your TikTok story, so use the power it gives you to keep promoting your brand to the world.

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