How to Get Verified on TikTok as an Artist

How to Get Verified on TikTok as an Artist

Published on 27th of June 2023

If you happen to be an artist, know this: TikTok has been a major aspect of digital music marketing since 2020.

With this powerful tool, you can communicate and interact with a large audience and emerge a popular personality within a short period. That's why TikTok is seen today as essential in any music career.

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Why you need to get verified as an artist

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When you're verified on TikTok, your music ambition gets the edge that's required. Verification is necessary to garner trust online and prove authenticity for your followers to be sure they're truly connecting with their favorite artist.

The process of getting verified on TikTok isn't easy and users must adhere to a few rules. You can't initiate the process yourself; still, you can ensure that the chance of your account scaling verification is very high.

As soon as you're verified, a blue badge will appear beside your username, meaning that the video-sharing platform has confirmed that it's owned by who's representing it.

It will be on display close to your account name on your profile page as well as in search results.

Verification on TikTok is a task that's often reserved for those who're liable to be copied. These include brands, public figures, musicians, movie stars, artists, and other celebrities.

A TikTok verified profile will allow you to stand out as an artist in our current digital world and gather a healthy amount of clout (if we can put it that way).

The blue tick shows that it's the real channel, giving your followers the confirmation that they're interacting with YOU.

Potential followers who view your verified profile will probably follow you as well. But to complete the verification process, there are a few criteria you have to meet.

Distinct from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, TikTok doesn't allow you to request verification. The social network offers a strict set of rules defined by their Creator Launch team; they're responsible for assigning the blue badge to appropriate users.

The criteria for verification are:

  • Explosive Content

    On TikTok, your account may be considered for verification if you're making videos that gain many views consistently. This is how KAIBA exploded on TikTok in 2019.

  • Daily Fan Growth

    You have to grow your fanbase consistently over the days, anywhere from 500 to 2000. It's possible you previously have a huge following on other social media accounts.

    In that case, ensure you recommend your TikTok account to your fan following so they can follow you there as well.

  • Uniqueness

    By being unique and creating content that is very different from the plethora of TikTokers, you'll soon get verified. If you already post on a peculiar niche, remain consistent.

  • Authenticity

    A strategy not to follow on TikTok is to copy other well-known profiles. This won't take you far. Rather, talk about what's happening to you; the things that directly affect your life.

A TikTok blue verified badge

A verified badge is a blue tick that you find close to your profile's handle. It confirms your account's authenticity on the platform.

Since the social network achieved over 2 billion downloads globally, its marketing ability grew large.

Having a blue tick next to your profile will allow your postings to reach new audiences and TikTok offers authority, increased visibility, as well as an extra layer of authenticity. This combo gives you the official recognition you desire.

As we live in an age where fake accounts and news are rampant, TikTok verified badges identify and safeguard popular creators and brands from identity theft or impersonation.

Ways to increase the likelihood of being verified on TikTok

  • Increased activity and participation levels

    The video-sharing app will be in check to detail how many posts you make and your level of engagement with other members.

    It could either be on commenting and liking the content of other verified users or with your followers over competitions and challenges, being involved in duets, and others linking to your content.

  • Adhere to the guidelines

    Users have to follow the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service because TikTok is on the lookout to verify accounts that take to these rules.

    Going against any of the guidelines will lead to getting banned by the moderators and thus, greatly lessen the probability of getting verified.

  • Release engaging and consistent media

    You increase your TikTok fanbase by releasing engaging and top-quality content that can be shared by other users.

    Make sure you carry out little research on artists in the same niche and view the kind of content that receives positive acclaim and engages your kind of following.

    In addition, be aware of the latest hashtags and trends.

  • Verify your account at other social media sites

    Verifying other social media profiles you have is like a stamp of approval. This increases the likelihood of being assigned a badge on TikTok.

    This is good news because you can easily request the blue tick on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

    So, it's highly recommended you endeavor to verify your profile on other social media platforms if you haven't yet. The more verified accounts you have, the better.

    If you're currently a media figure or celebrity, this should not be a challenge. But for small business owners still making efforts to make a name for themselves, it can be much hassle to meet these criteria.

  • Connect and participate with other TikTokers

    If you want to increase your fan following and receive the TikTok blue tick, it's best to follow other users and appropriately connect with them.

    Your followers can increase tremendously as soon as your fascinating content has reached a considerable number of people.

  • Don't pay too much attention to verification

    Largely, completing the verification process and being assigned a blue tick on TikTok is something you can't influence as much as you want. There's no need to hassle and puff on the blue tick.

    Verification isn't all that's required to become a renowned and respected figure on TikTok or to grow your business.

    Just pay attention to scaling your business, having a nice time, creating new connections, and making fantastic content. If you're verified by TikTok as you do that, lucky you. If not, just continue with your efforts and keep captivating your viewers.

  • Make effort to be seen by the media

    On TikTok, ensure your brand is doing something world-changing and noteworthy, which will draw much attention as well as media coverage.

    If you're connected to a few people in the media, it's best you use them as leverage. Endeavor to take part in events or public projects that will help push you to the spotlight.

Can you make money with TikTok?

Yes, you'll start getting paid by the video-sharing platform when you've reached a minimum of 1,000 followers and as your subscriber base grows, your earnings increase.

It is speculated that for live shows, TikTok pays close to $100 for every 10,000 fans. While this may be true or not, it's certain that you can receive redeemable gifts from live viewers.

What number of followers is required to pass verification on TikTok?

The least number of followers required to become a verified user on TikTok hasn't been released officially by the social network.

More well-known artists and musicians can get their profile verified on time; this is largely due to their celebrity status, even if they're still new to TikTok.

Renowned influencer accounts often have anywhere between 1,000 followers to a few million. It's also crucial to point out that many TikTok accounts have thousands of followers who aren't verified.

This indicates that verification isn't premised only on the number of followers on your profile.

Is it advisable to pay to get verified on TikTok?

No, it isn't. The only option for account verification is via being noticed by TikTok's Creator Team. They're the ones responsible for verifying accounts. It seems money can't buy a TikTok verification.

There are so many phishing sites and online scams claiming to get users' TikTok accounts verified. Don't fall for them. Any effort to use these services will not help you.

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