5 Tips to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

Published on 18th of October 2022

TikTok is the app du jour. Over 1 billion people have downloaded it, and with its short clip virality, the network now serves as a spot for fun AND business.

That means TikTok creators are actively strengthening their marketing efforts—everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Today, we'll show you five routes you can follow to jump on this bandwagon. Build brand awareness, loyalty, and probability using TikTok tricks and trends in 2021, leading to 2022!

  • Tip #1: Push out killer videos

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    For a successful business on TikTok, you need to post great visual content to attract potential customers.

    TikTok offers what other social networks don't: well-made, delightfully-edited videos with added audio can quickly go viral.

    Mind you, your videos must be unique, creative, and original. That's how you get your business to trend—off-the-cuff videos that wow your target markets.

    The Discover tab will open you to all sorts of videos, so you can pick which ones might work for you.

    And don't shy away from the platform's customization features—you can merge videos, add effects, animations, and licensed sounds, change voices, etc.

    As a clever creator, you should also eye perfectly-delivered or audience-relevant videos and spin them. Take content from a popular page with professional edits, fine-tuned details, and make it theirs.

    That's where creativity and uniqueness come in. Do it differently.

    Business-boosting visuals primarily focus on the behind-the-scenes aspect of the business, delivered with a lovely vibe.

  • Tip #2: Pick the right hashtags

    These tags are so essential to marketing on TikTok—most social media platforms, for that matter.

    The Discover page adorns you with trending hashtags. When strategically used, these #tags expose your content to an international audience and connect you with other famous names.

    If you're struggling to find something relevant for your brand, the Discover page has many tabs showing what's new in pop culture, including TV and music.

    There are three types of hashtags you can employ;

    • Topic-based hashtags: They describe your content so it can be in the right category, such as #tiktokrecipe.
    • Hashtag challenges: Famous creators, including popular celebrities, can use challenges to build some buzz around their content. Participation is often high, so much so that other TikTokers perform the challenge better than the original creator.
    • Branded hashtags: These #tags are only associated with a business. They are a bit different from challenge #tags, using user-generated content—a combination of many TikTokers for your social community and promoting your business.

    Nonetheless, search for topic-based hashtags before starting a branded one. You can also take part in branded hashtag campaigns or trending hashtag challenges.

  • Tip #3: Put some contests out there

    Like every social platform running contests, so does TikTok. But TikTok contests have a few differences you should know.

    There are awards, a starting and ending date, and user-generated entries.

    But if you’re searching for a sponsoring company to run the contest, it can be more challenging than usual, depending on how ambitious your campaign is.

  • Tip #4: Partner with relevant influencers

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    Social media promoters are the best way to make your brand visible to your potential clients on TikTok. Look at this as using celebrities to promote your business.

    As people lose trust in brands, they will rely more on influencers. Their large and loyal following—if you’re lucky, both on TikTok and other networks—pays attention to what they do, not only online but also offline.

    For example, most women make purchases based on an influencer's opinion of the product, mostly during video chats or Q&A sessions.

    If you need some help, the Discover tab is an excellent place to start. Lots of influencers there--all working in different industries.

    See if they're a good fit for your brand. Watch their content and explore many accounts to determine who would work best with what you’re doing as a company.

    To ensure that you find the best influencer that matches your brand, it's essential to scrutinize an influencer’s posts and profile when analyzing them.

    You can analyze a potential fit in two fundamental ways: targeting the same niche audience or seeing how well they share your product knowledge.

    An influencer's followers are already interested in what they post, meaning many of them will be interested in your product(s) as well.

    Below are some ways for you and the influencer to work together:

    • The influencer can create a video in which they're using your product. That's the fastest way to get your product to trend on TikTok.
    • The influencer can also make a video unboxing your product and reviewing it to potential customers—stating product uses instead of features.
    • If the influencer can sing, that's an opportunity to add an original song to your TikToks. You can also add other songs that parody the influencer. Lip-syncing is one of the most popular trends on this platform and can easily reach millions of users.
    • Your hired influencer can also start a hashtag challenge for your brand. This could go viral and attract even more prospects.
    • You can ask your influencer to use a trending topic related to your brand or product.

    These strategies, and many others, can increase your trendiness on TikTok.

  • Tip #5: Pro-Tips: Paid ads amplify your reach

    Ads are the fastest way to reach your target audience on TikTok. Creating and promoting exciting videos with relevant hashtags is only the first step.

    TikTok offers a variety of ad formats that can advance your digital marketing efforts.

    Some features include video campaigns that integrate popular trends and top-performing ads into a customized package to suit your needs.

    TikTok Creative Center

    The network offers unique marketing tools like video ad templates. This tool allows you to merge videos with other relevant clips using tape-editing effects called Smart Video.

    Be sure to explore and test different ads to determine what works best for your business, but keep in mind the cost of these campaigns. Depending on your budget, goals, and strategy, you may wish to make more than one campaign.

Add these tips to your TikTok marketing strategy today

Now that you've found out the ways to a successful TikTok marketing strategy, put them to use. But first, know your target audience on this platform.

After each post, study and analyze how well it's performing. Try different things to see how your buyers react.

Involving influencers and ads add some weight to your budget, but they're the best for better results.

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