9 Useful Tactics for Successful TikTok Marketing in 2022

Published on 9th of August 2022

Come 2022, TikTok will be one of the dominant social media apps globally. This is mainly because teenagers and young adults occupy the virtual space for entertainment.

The app is available to anyone with an account. TikTok clips are for everyone, but it can be difficult finding success on the platform without understanding how it works.

Though you can’t learn everything from one article, here are a few tips that thousands of successful beneficiaries of TikTok’s algorithm have proven to work:

First, set up your profile correctly and upload relevant videos

person holding white samsung galaxy smartphoneUpload your content with the aim of getting more views and likes.

Your profile will be accessible through various other popular videos on the "For You" page when done correctly.

After a certain period, the app will track how many likes, views, shares, comments, and downloads your video accumulates. Then, the app will recommend your videos to other users based on the analytics.

The algorithm automatically pushes videos at a higher rate if it senses high user engagements.

Your business will have a higher chance of increased engagement by creating a professional profile and uploading videos for the best exposure to your products or services.

1. Encourage user-generated content

TikTok allows you to engage with users through User-Generated Content (UGC), a way for TikTokers to narrate their experiences with your product.

This type of content can be anything from reviews, advice, or stories about what motivated people in your brand story.

By forming partnerships and joining creative challenges, you can reach out to other users and influencers on TikTok.

In sharing UGC internally and being thoughtful consultants during these events, other creators might create campaigns around yours because they want access to those followers.

2. Work with influencers

Multi- Cultural PeopleThe app has many popular influencers, and the list is constantly expanding.

To increase your trendiness and promote your brand effectively, working with influencers has become a necessity.

Influencer marketing is popular amongst companies promoting their products and services on social networking platforms.

To attain the highest number of followers possible, influencers are paid sizeable sums in return for promoting the brand and its offerings.

Considering that many of these social media “celebrities” have millions of followers, it can be an effective strategy to market.

You can find less popular influencers with local connections and modest follower counts if you’re low on a budget.

Hiring them will still reach their followers while keeping your budget in check.

3. Create hashtag challenges around your brand

Using relevant hashtag challenges around your brand can help you connect with users by creating tons of user-generated content.

A challenge encourages people to take part in the contests, making the challenge go viral. TikTokers will post many videos under your challenge and gain millions of views, each one linked back to your brand.

For example, you could create a hashtag challenge and post content on specific tasks people can do with your product. Success could involve submitting the most engaging video relating to such a task and spreading the hashtag topic in social media posts.

More people will create videos related to your hashtag, and eventually, it can top the trends list. Toms of people will find your brand through hashtag challenges, a great way to boost your marketing efforts.

4. Post videos regularly to build anticipation

Short-form videos provide a simple route for many brands to get constant engagement and reach larger audiences, besides the low time commitment.

One way to keep your viewers entertained and anticipating future content is by posting videos consistently.

The more frequently you post, the larger your viewer base will become because they'll enjoy watching and following new things as they come out.

5. Use TikTok as an eCommerce platform

Person Using Black And White Smartphone and Holding Blue CardTikTok is a reliable platform that partners with other eCommerce sites.

In 2020, the platform teamed up with Shopify to increase the number of Shopify store users. This has boosted sales for store owners through TikTok.

Partnering with Shopify enables users to manage their TikTok campaigns, which from then on can be created—posting new content and monitoring for sales performance accordingly.

6. Create high-quality video ads that stand out

man in green and brown camouflage jacket holding black video cameraYou can implement video ads for a lasting impact on your audience. The platform enables you to create and manage advertising campaigns tailored to your goals.

Regardless of what you're hoping to achieve with these videos, you'll find the work’s quality makes it attractive—or otherwise—to potential buyers.

7. Use duets

Another way to increase user engagement for your brand is through Duets.

Duets are videos made by two people, and you can put these side-by-side on the same screen in a split-screen view.

For instance, make one video where you're making an animal sound or performing a particular action while a familiar face mimics (or parodies) it.

8. Increase engagement with memes

We can find a world of memes on TikTok. The most popular thing to do on the platform is share memes, which you can leverage to create buzz for your business.

If you want to connect with the audience, preserving existing memes or creating branded ones that align with your brand can help you go viral!

9. Get into music promotion

person holding Elvis Presley vinyl sleeveStitch was released in 2020, being used by many musicians to promote their tracks. This is an editing feature that allows users to recreate and repurpose existing content posted by other users.

For instance, you can incorporate a video with your content in a kind of remix. You can add music from the app library or insert it into your video as needed for soundtracks.

Stitch also offers access to its audio for those who need background noise. At the same time, they work: think nature sounds, instrumental songs for specific genres like rock, etc., or voiceovers tailored toward different industries such as retail or home design support.

Many musicians have leveraged Stitch’s vast music library to promote their upcoming releases, events, and merchandise.

All in all

Posting original TikTok content is the only way to boost your brand presence and engage your target audience successfully.

The more unique and exciting videos you post, the more recognizable your brand will be on the platform.

High-quality video ads may also come in. They can help you stand out by featuring your products and behind-the-scenes footage of your staff at work.

The app is becoming increasingly popular for reaching a younger audience since they prefer watching videos over reading content. That's not to say adults aren't patronizing the virtual space.

Regardless of your audience, it's pretty viable to start with a campaign involving an influencer. You may also implement user-generated content as your growth tool on TikTok.

Good luck!