TikTok For Business: Marketing on TikTok in 2022

TikTok For Business: Marketing on TikTok in 2022

Published on 18th of February 2022

A business needs to adopt specific tactics for success on TikTok. We’ll deal with some tricks here, those major ones that help boost a brand’s reach and presence.

TikTok has a specific user demographic; it's a popular app among teenagers and young adults - 60% of the user base were identified as male and female teenagers in 2020.

Of course, you’ll find lots of customers if you’re targeting a more mature audience.

You can also engage your audience on other platforms by using TikTok editing tools to create videos, but you should read the platform's terms before posting. Facebook announced plans to make watermarked TikTok videos less discoverable.

Here's how to market on TikTok

There are two broad options.

Some choose to partner with influencers with a relevant following for their product, while others promote their original content themselves.

Below are hints on how these options work to understand which avenue is best for your marketing strategy.

  • Engage in the vast influencer market

    Influencers selected for advertising campaigns will have a more extensive fan base than ordinary users, giving them an advantage in marketing.

    Companies pay these influencers to show their products or services in the video, expanding their reach and earning customers’ trust.

    How to get started with influencer marketing on TikTok

    The relevance of influencers is more important than the size of their audience.

    The Discover tab allows you to find potential influencers that cater to your particular niche, but first, explore if they have anything in common with your brand and if they stand out.

    The golden rule of influencer marketing is to find the right type of influencer for one's needs.

    So first, make a list of potential micro-influencers and evaluate their content.

    If they're appropriate, reach out to them about passing your products onto their audience.

  • Create original TikTok content for your brand (if you dare)

    Creating your own videos is hard, but it can be a powerful marketing strategy for TikTok. You'll need to invest a lot of time and creative insight to rank high on the platform.

    The trend culture of TikTok makes it more straightforward—search for trends using the Discover tab and then make a unique version related to your business.

    Make sure you're humorous or silly so people will feel like sharing your posts with their friends!

    Challenges are an excellent opportunity to reach more audiences than you can ever imagine.

    To reach a big audience, use how-to's, tips and tricks, and other insider insights from the app.

    One idea is to post on how to relieve stress or on making a cocktail in your kitchen. This is effective during the COVID-19 pandemic and can help brands struggling with making sales virtually.

    You can choose to create your content using any of the two options, then add relevant hashtags to your video before posting it.

    Seriously, the key to TikTok marketing is making light-hearted content that will go viral and trend your brand.

    How to find hashtags for your TikTok posts

    The network has provided users with three ways to find relevant hashtags that will promote their brand.

    The idea is to use some tried-and-true general hashtags that have gained popularity, bringing many viewers to your content.

    • Locate the Discover tab, and you'll find a catalog of currently trending hashtags.

      Select a suitable hashtag for your business and industry, or choose a general challenge that you could infuse into your branded video.

    • Get inspiration from influencers

      To reiterate, you can choose an industry influencer and put them to good use. After searching for relevant influencers, you can add their hashtags to your posts and monitor the success of such posts.

    • You should also try using general hashtags with immense popularity; they help reach a larger audience.

      You can try some hashtags like #tiktok, #foryoupage, #fyp, #foryou, #viral, #love, #funny, #memes, and #follow.

  • Leverage TikTok Ads

    TikTok's promotional extra includes marketing features to attract a more specific audience by paying for an ad.

    TikTok ad formats

    There are several ways you can advertise on TikTok.

    These will depend on what message you're trying to convey or if there's an aspect of your brand that relates well to the format. You might use horizontal, vertical, or square videos and images for this purpose.

    The platform also has a couple of creative tools you can use to create these campaigns.

    The Video Creation Kit has various templates so you can create videos by adding existing images like a pro.

    The Automated Creative Optimization feature assists you in automating the process of creating, delivering, and optimizing your campaigns.

    These ads are scheduled to appear in 4 places:

    • In-feed
    • For You page
    • Post-roll
    • Story

    TikTok ad targeting

    When creating your TikTok ads, you must specify who your target audience is—defined by gender, location, age, interests, and what TikTok calls "other unique variables."

    You can create custom and lookalike audiences (if you're experienced making paid ads on other platforms).

    Those with a self-service account have an edge with TikTok’s chart. They can check the geographical options available via the map and filter by relevance to your campaign or market.

    TikTok ad performance

    The TikTok Ads analytics tool is used to track ad performance based on actionable KPIs.

    Use the TikTok Pixel to track your performance and obtain results for your marketing by monitoring users’ activities on your channel.

    TikTok collaborates with third-party tracking companies to monitor ad conversions, users’ in-app behavior, and click attribution data.

    These are specific indicators that TikTok ads make the customer experience straightforward and suitable.


The downside of TikTok marketing is that you either have to pay with your time or money.

The right option will depend on what kind of budget you're working with and how big of an audience you're trying to target.

Ultimately, the future will be a difficult one to predict.

Although many trends suggest TikTok is poised for growth in the coming years, only time will tell how durable its revenue model is.

As long as you can take advantage of some of the best features and opportunities provided by this platform now, your transition to success shouldn't be too much trouble no matter what happens.


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